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Did the Celts dodge a bullet?

In what has been a rollercoaster of an off-season for the Celtics, maybe they actually came out ahead. reports that the Trail Blazers vaunted rookie center Greg Oden will most likely miss the 07-08 season after undergoing knee surgery on Thursday.

Cartilage damage was found during an exploratory procedure thus micro-fracture surgery was performed to repair the damage. Oden should be on crutches for possibly eight weeks and it will take 6-12 months for a full recovery. That range of time doesn’t bode well for the No. 1 pick in the NBA draft this year. Also the micro-fracture surgery has a history of being one that drastically changes the game of the player who has it.

Maybe this was a sign that he wasn’t the answer for the Celtics. Every since Larry Bird left many now “curse-less” Boston fans (thanks to the Pats and Sox) have been looking for something to feel bad about. Not getting Greg Oden or even Kevin Durant this draft was just another way for Bill Simmons and many others to wallow in their NBA sorrows. And maybe they have reason to, after watching the Celts go from being the class of the league to blowing games to “win” the lottery that they later went on to actually lose.

Or did they?

With most calling for Danny Ainge’s head (myself included), he responded, revamping the lineup with superstars such as Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. He got the fans excited again, including the writers of Sports of Boston. And now, with the guy we missed out on going down, it’s almost like a good day in Boston because of it.

Because just think about it, if we got Oden and the same thing happened, it would have been just too perfect. No one could write a better and more ironic story. That’s just so Boston. But no, it happened to someone else, and that my friends is a good thing.

Not to say I want bad things to happen to players, well no I do sometimes, but in this case maybe it’s a sign that the Celts’ luck is finally turning around.

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One comment for “Did the Celts dodge a bullet?”

  1. This happening would have turned into the ultimate insult for the Celtics after nothing but lottery draft day disappointments. We definitely dodged a bullet on this one. I’ll take a healthy KG over an injured Oden any day.

    Posted by Chris | September 14, 2007, 10:15 pm

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