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Celtics Four-Point Play (9/19)

Here’s the Celtics Four-Point Play to appear every Wednesday on Sports of Boston. This is where I will compile four (4) small and related Celtics facts and offer my own spin on a variety of Celtics news stories. The general format will be a short blurb about the story first, then my reaction tabbed underneath it.

1. I was poking through the Celtics Blog forums and I saw a post from a guy about a Paul Pierce article he has access to but we can’t see. Either way, Pierce made reference to the fact that he probably should still be the go-to guy in the final two minutes of games. He also made a bold 60-win prediction (!!!) for the C’s this season.

TSN: Are the Celtics going to The Finals or what?
PIERCE: Yeah, why not? See, everybody’s been asking me about my numbers, but all I’m thinking about is wins and losses. If we win 60 games and do good in the playoffs and all our numbers are down, we’ll all be happy. I think we can do it.
TSN: Sixty wins? Are you serious?
PIERCE: Man, I’m an optimist.

  • Wow. I hope KG and Ray Allen don’t take offense. I guess they shouldn’t, at least at first. Pierce is the captain and has (obviously) been here longer. So I think he’s the incumbent go-to guy. That doesn’t mean Ray Allen can’t hit a big three when we need it or we cant go down low to KG to stuff it in, but Pierce will be the guy (for now) taking the shots when it counts and (for now) he should be.
  • As far as 60 wins is concerned…I just don’t know. That’s a LOT of wins. Is this team really 36 games better than last year? Is it 11 games better than the 49-win team from 2001-02? Only time will tell…check beck next week for my final win-prediction.

2. The C’s are reportedly interested in free agent Esteban Batista, according to the Globe’s Marc Spears. Last season with the Hawks, Batista averaged 1.5 points and 2.3 rebounds per game. He impressed in the FIBA Tournament playing for Uruguay. He led the tournament with 12.4 rebounds per game and third with 20.8 points.

  • If he could carry those skills to the pro-level with the C’s, he’d be a nice addition. I’m not sure where I see his minutes fit in as of yet though. He could spell KG with Big Baby Davis and Scot Pollard perhaps. A guy that can come off the bench and grab rebounds is definitely a plus. Where does he fit though? We will see…

3. Tony Allen, at Beckett Bowl: “(The knee) can’t get any better. I feel great. I’m fired up man. The biggest thing of the entire off-season was just to stay focused on the task at hand and get ready for the upcoming season.” (from FSN Blog)

  • Good to hear this. Last year’s injury is just so ugly to watch, it’s amazing he’s made it this far. Like a month ago in an interview with NECN, Allen told Chris Collins that his knee was at around 65%, which obviously wasn’t a good sign. He kind of avoided naming how far along he was, but just to mention that he’s fired up for the season. He also noted that he’s played KG a few times in very light scrimmages…which would suggest he’s not ready for a full-out scrimmage yet. KG’s been doing that all summer.

4. Brandon Funston over at Yahoo! Fantasy Sports recently posted his “Big Board,” which rates players based on their fantasy value over the whole season. He’s got Kevin Garnett at No. 1, and KG was draft first in both of his “expert” drafts. KG’s cohorts Paul Pierce and Ray Allen also made appearances in the top 20 fantasy players, with Allen at No. 17 and Pierce No. 19.

  • Funston mentioned that KG may be available as a center this season in fantasy basketball…which would make him a fantasy beast. He already gets blocks, assists, rebounds, points, and doesn’t turn it over a lot for a big guy. Add in that he’s a center and he’s easily the preseason No. 1 fantasy threat.
  • Apparently, Ray Allen-owners have to worry about his fantasy value this season. Funston sees Allen as a possible 3-pt specialist guy, meaning it would hurt him in other categories like rebounds, assists, and even points.
  • Funston seemed excited about Pierce’s fantasy value for the upcoming season. I mentioned it in earlier posts. Imagine KG in the paint, Allen hanging out beyond the arc. Pierce will have a lot of room to play with. Could be really nice for a lot of numbers.
  • A side note: Al Jefferson ranks as the No. 28 ranked player. Funston: “Poor Al: Might be best thing going for NBA’s worst team again.”

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