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Game 3: Red Sox vs Cleveland Indians In-Game Report

Daisuke Matsuzaka(15-12, 4.40) vs Jake Westbrook(6-9, 4.32)

UPDATES ALL GAME. I’ll be updating every couple minutes or so.

  • Its going to be an interesting game to see which pitcher steps up for their team.
  • Dice-K looks shart in the 1st inning, striking out two. He started hot in the Angels game too and blew up later.
  • Dice-K this regular season had a 10.97 ERA in his first 15 pitches so we’re past the really bad iffy point. The next one is 76 pitches to 90 pitches.
  • Westbrook loads the bases with no outs for Jason Varitek. I have to think it might have been on purpose… and Varitek a shallow pop out. Good stuff Varitek. RISP for Varitek this year he hits .219.
  • Coco Crisp was 9-20 with the bases loaded this year. You forget all that when the guy grounds into a double play in the playoffs.
  • This year including the playoffs Kenny Lofton had only 7 home-runs in 516 AB’s, all against righties. Now he’s had 8 all year. Dice is holding on. Kenny’s ball was the only ball hit well this game. 2-0 Cleveland.
  • Jake Westbrook is getting his sinker working and settling down. Uh-oh.
  • This 3rd inning is the kind of inning that builds character. Can Dice-K finish off the inning after some 2 out base-runners. Dice-K finishes off Victor Martinez with a guy on 1st and 2nd with a curve ball inside. It looked like it was a bad pitch. So inside he would lay off but Victor swung. Results are all that matters.
  • David Ortiz has never been clutch on the baseline. As he gets hit by Manny’s bouncing ball to SS.
  • Mike Lowell has never hit a ball harder then his foul down the left field line in the 4th.
  • I don’t think JD Drew has ever hit a ball that was low and inside this year. He has always swung over the top. Correct me if I’m wrong.
  • Westbrook’s sinker is getting some good calls. Westbrook’s sinker is falling off big and is confusing the Ump.
  • Wait till next year with Dice. Same with JD Drew.
  • This Ump has looked bad. Manny Ramirez’s pitch in the 6th with guys on 1st and 2nd on a 3-0 wasn’t even close to the plate.
  • Varitek with a man on first, a 2-run shot! Who needs RISP! Not Varitek.
  • Crisp gets screwed by another bad call and he can’t get on with one out in the 7th.
  • I never want to hear about Okajima’s head movements ever again after these playoffs.
  • In the top of the 8th, Youkilis just needs to get a towel to get the sweat out of his eyes. Sweat pouring in front of you face has to hurt you.
  • David Ortiz really couldn’t have hit it any harder in the 8th. It was a rocket. A little tilt on it and its a home-run.
  • Mike Lowell, JD Drew, and Jason Varitek in the 9th…

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