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Game 5: Boston Red Sox vs Cleveland Indians

C.C. Sabathia(19-7, 3.21) vs Josh Beckett(20-7, 3.27)

In Game. All Game.

Top 1st

  • Youkilis with a bomb to left! 1-0 the Sox.
  • Manny with a blopper type line drive double! Yes. Finally the Sox are hitting. Now Lowell who has struggled…
  • Lowell with a single to right in the first and… Manny gets thrown out at home. God damn-it Manny. He might have slowed down to take off his helmet.

Bottom 1st: 1-0 Sox

  • Sizemore and the Indians get another break with a lead-off double.
  • Hafner with Sizemore on third and Cabrera on 1st hits into a double play. Sizemore scores but at least the 1st shouldn’t be a big inning. Foul ball by 2 inches…. wow.
  • Lowell gets hit. Could this be a blessing in disguise with Kielty next?
  • Kilety!! Like I said before I wanted him in a big spot with Sabathia pitching. And Kielty flies out. Good at bat tho. He fought hard but Sabathia beat him.

Top 2nd: Tied 1-1

  • Kielty got struck out on a ball. Another bad call by the umps. Kielty has had very good AB’s against Sabathia and I’m rotting for him to come up in a big situation.
  • A missed call for Sabathia on Varitek so maybe things will even out.
  • Coco up now where Ellsbury should be. Ellsbury for a couple reasons. The defense is about the same. Most likely in a game you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference with their speeds. And Ellsbury adds energy to this lineup. Since the sox have been struggling this is the place to do it.

Bottom 2nd: Tied 1-1

  • Solid inning by Beckett. Keep it going.

Top of 3rd: Tied 1-1

  • Pedroia singles nicely. Bought time he got some luck.
  • And Youkilis grounds into another double play. Thats number 900 for the Sox in this series. It’s ridiculous.
  • Least I enjoyed the humorous situation of Fox getting ready to go to a break with only 2 outs.
  • Ortiz Walks.
  • Manny hit a homerun! Wait no he didn’t. Maybe just a double. WHAT? A single? Yah. Whatever. Another hard fought inning leading to one run.

Bottom of 3rd: Red Sox 2-1

  • Beckett is looking good. Strikes out Sizemore.
  • Beckett strikes out Hafner for 5 strike-outs through 3.

Top of the 4th: Red Sox 2-1

  • Finally a good start to an inning that could lead to bigger things. Kielty and Varitek single. No double plays or triple plays. Please.
  • Coco Crisp and Julio Lugo and f’n aweful. Strikeout and a double play. Yah.

Bottom of the 4th: Red Sox 2-1

  • Lugo for the 1st our for defense. When a guy can’t hit the ball you realize, offense is a lot more important.

Top of the 5th: Red Sox 2-1

  • More hopes of a big inning with Ortiz on 2nd and Manny on 1st. Lowell on. Come on big guy.
  • Lowell gets hit. Could it be a blessing in disguise? I wanted to see Kielty in a big situation with Sabathia.
  • Kielty ends up flying out after a hard AB. Better than a Coco, Lugo, or Drew AB I know that.

Bottom of 5th: Red Sox 2-1

  • Beckett continues to cruise into the 5th. It would be great if Boston could give him some more breathing room.
  • Wow with Blake on first Sizemore hits a bounder up the 2nd base side of middle which Lugo knocks into right. Lugo should have let it go to Pedroia but Blake gets to 3rd. Its 1st and 3rd.
  • Huge strikeout by Beckett against Cabrera! Wow awesome game.

Top of the 6th: Red Sox 2-1

  • Varitek hasn’t looked good against Sabathia but it is the playoffs. Pressure has never been Varitek’s friend. Of course Varitek grounds out.
  • Coc grounds out. No surpise. Jacoby Ellsbury could have done that.
  • And Lugo strikes-out. Alex Cora could have done that.

Bottom of the 6th: Red Sox 2-1

  • Middle of the order for Cleveland: Hafner, Martinez and Garko.
  • Beckett has 67 pitches coming into the inning.
  • Hafner strikes out. He struck out 4 times last night and it continues with 2 more tonight.
  • Beckett strikes out Garko. He has 9 K’s through 6 innings. He’s dominant. Let’s hope thats all it takes.

Top of the 7th: Red Sox 2-1

  • Pedroia with a double!! Yes. He’s been getting bad luck all series and now its working out.
  • FINALLY! The first good luck the Sox have had all series. Sizemore misses the dive and its a triple for Youkilis.
  • Sabathia out and Rafael Betancourt out. Betancourt is sick. This score may stay 3-1.
  • Ortiz with a sacrifice.

Bottom of the 7th: Red Sox 4-1

  • Beckett is still dominant.
  • Sick stuff.

Top of the 8th: Red Sox 3-1

  • Finally a big inning by the Red Sox to open it up. Maybe it was just bad pitching by the Indians but three more runs have been added on.

Bottom of the 8th: Red Sox 7-1

  • Beckett going for at least 8 innings strong so probably no appearance in Game 7.
  • He has 10 K’s into the 8th.
  • Most likely Beckett’s last inning here are his stats: 8 innings, 5 hits, 1 ER, 1 BB, and 11 K’s. Amazing. Beckett needs to pitch in the World Series 3 times. Guaranteed three wins.

Top of the 9th: Red Sox 7-1

  • Only two things that were notable:
    • JD Drewhit a ball really well to center for a double.
    • Coco Crisp had a solid hit but the pitcher got it. Too bad for Coco. Ellsbury will do better.

Bottom of the 9th: Red Sox 7-1

  • Last chance for the Indians.
  • Papelbon comes on. Game over!

The Red Sox bring it back to Fenway. Awesome game. Its a momentum changer. I can already tell.

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    Posted by Dev | October 18, 2007, 10:17 pm

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