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Red Sox Potential Aquisitions and Signings

This is a list of Boston needs. What they are looking at. Who may join the team this off-season. And the dream trades and signings Sox fans would die for.

Johan Santana

  • He is available and it would take a big offer of young talent to get him from the Minnesota Twins. I don’t see the Red Sox wanting to give enough get him above other teams. Boston doesn’t need an ace pitcher. But no team is worse off by adding such a good pitcher. Santana is the kind of work horse who can win 5 games in the playoffs and be the World Series MVP. Not to mention a 20 game winner and Cy-young canidate in any given year. Especially on a team that puts up runs like Boston.

Miguel Cabrera

  • Peter Gammons reported he was available and Florida has been spreading the word he is available. Another guy who will take a lot to get. It would have to take a major prospect like Clay Buchholz, Jed Lowrie, Justin Masterson, etc. A major combination of young guys would do it. But there will be a lot of competition between clubs to put together the best package for Florida.

Alex Rodriguez

  • Show Alex the money. It already seems like the LA Dodger have their eye on A-Rod. They added Joe Torre and Scott Boras has made mention of the Dodger, not unusual. It would be a good fit for Rodriguez as he would be able to slide into 3rd base over Garciaparra who could be traded to anyone needing a corner bat. And Rodriguez would be the big power bat a Dodger team that was ranked 15th in the NL in slugging, would need.
  • As far as the Red Sox go with Rodriguez, I’d say they feel out the situation but put a price tag on what he’s worth and not go over.

Mike Lowell

  • Theo Epstein said he wanted to bring back Lowell. He also said that about Schilling and Schilling is back. So perhaps talks are close. My problem with this deal getting done is Mike Lowell is coming off a career year and will want to be paid like he can do it every year. Other clubs will want to pay him like that. I consider this a lot more than he’s worth. I’d expect a return to his career averages. Somewhere around .280 avg, 23 home-runs, 97 rbi.

Bobby Kielty

  • Kielty could come back as a left handed hitting specialist and a 5th outfielder or possibly 4th if Coco Crisp does indeed get traded. Kielty has the Boston make-up of a guy who works counts and has some power. In the last 3 years Kielty’s OPS against lefties has been .866 and against righties .638. Rookie Brandon Moss could become this extra outfielder seeing as he would come at a reduces price. But the Red Sox would like him to get all the at bats he can. So unless Moss is a 4th outfielder he may stay in AAA to stay sharp.

Other Needs

  • Bullpen ArmEven though Boston had the best bullpen in baseball last year, there is always a need to make sure the bullpen remains solid. Certain names that come to mind: Luis Viscaino, Eric Gagne, Scott Linebrink, Francisco Cordero, LaTroy Hawkins, Arthur Rhodes… Not all will be available but can potentially be a free agents.
  • Back-up Catcher – Mirabelli is just not a good catcher anymore. His biggest asset is catching the knuckleball. And as good as he is at it, there has to be another catcher who can hit, play D, and catch a knuckler. The biggest part playing decent defense. I’m not too sure who has the best D but there has been a big influx in mid-level catcher talent in the free-agent market. Including: Michael Barrett (Career .748 OPS and last 2 years 15.8 CS%), Rod Barajas (Career .698 OPS and 34.2% CS last 2 years). As compared to Mirabelli (Career .723 OPS and last 2 years 20.4 CS%)

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