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Celtics Now 4-0, Probably 4-1 After Showdown with Nets

The Celtics impressed again Friday night, beating the Hawks 106-83. They weren’t impressive the whole game, as the Hawks made a nice run in the 3rd quarter to get the lead under 10 points, but the C’s pulled away to get the 23-point win. The C’s have now blown out every team they’ve faced at home to race to a 3-0 Garden record.

Stat Line of the Game: Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett 38:24 12-16 19 6 3 27

Now, the Celtics’ truest test comes. They had to travel to New Jersey soon after the game to get ready for tonight’s game (7:30 start) against the Nets. The Nets did not play Friday so they will be well-rested and ready to knock off the East’s top team. The Nets last played Thursday night when they beat the Wizards 87-85 in New Jersey. As you all may remember, we killed the Wizards on Opening Night.

The one team that gave the Nets much trouble this year is the one that gave us trouble: The Toronto Raptors. The Raptors murdered them last Friday in the Nets’ Home Opener, 106-69. YUCK. But, why do I think the Nets will beat us tonight? Here are five reasons…

  1. The Nets had Friday off, while the Celtics were playing at home against the Hawks. NJ should be well-rested following their last game, a win at home Thursday night.
  2. The Celtics can’t go undefeated. They have to lose at some point. This could be a very tough game for them.
  3. Jason Kidd always has a great game against the Celtics. I’m still haunted by memories of his triple-doubles in the 2002 playoffs a few years back.
  4. The Nets match up pretty well against us (except they have NO answer for Kevin Garnett). Still, Kidd should put Rajon Rondo to school.
  5. Doc and a few members of the organization will be flying out after the game to attend the funeral of Doc’s father. Perhaps Doc’s mind is elsewhere, as it should be. He’s only human…

There you have it, I see a tight game all game, with the Nets pulling out a 5-point victory after a few big Jason Kidd shots.

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