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Barry Bonds Indictment: National Reaction

Barry Bonds has been indicted by the Federal Government for perjury and obstruction of justice. Here’s what the rest of the nation is saying about Bonds’ situation:
(Copy of the Indictment)

Peter Gammons (ESPN)

Baseball has to let it play out, as Bud Selig did this entire season when many of us believe he knew an indictment eventually would be handed down. Once the proof of the drug test mentioned in the indictment is laid out in court, Selig can ban Bonds from working for any team, a la Pete Rose; the chances of Bonds playing again are close to nil.

Charles Barkley (NBA Hall-of-famer)

(When I heard) I almost started crying. I was so mad. After four years I was in total shock. I cannot believe this witch hunt came to this conclusion…They just don’t like Barry Bonds. They don’t think he’s a nice guy. He’s not paid to be a nice guy. He’s paid to hit home runs. That’s his job. He’s the best baseball player we’ve ever seen.

Tony Massarotti (Boston Herald)

And so after all of that, after the clear and the cream and the charades that were a series of record pursuits, Barry Lamar Bonds will be remembered as that basest of all things. A liar… And if the feds can see this through, if they can nail Bonds the way he deserves to be nailed, one can only hope that they incarcerate him in a poetically just manner. Welcome to the big house, federal inmate No. 762.

Tim Kirkjian (ESPN)

Even if he is convicted and sent to prison, MLB should not take his records away. Baseball has never done that in its history. If his records are eradicated, then everything that he touched, most important being the winning and losing of games, must be erased. That would be impractical on so many levels. An asterisk doesn’t serve any purpose, either. There already is, and always will be, an imaginary asterisk next to this era, and especially close to Bonds.

Ken Rosenthal (FOX Sports)

No team will sign Bonds as a free agent now that he has been indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice by the federal government. If any club was even considering Bonds it will quickly abandon the idea, knowing his availability would be in question, his presence a crippling distraction and marketing nightmare. It’s over, folks — Bonds’ playing career, and maybe any chance for him to reclaim his name.

SF Giants fan Stuart Milligan (From the San Francisco Chronicle)

Barry Bonds ruined baseball by using steroids and then lying about it. Drugs are the opposite of what sports are all about. And this indictment sends a signal that nobody’s above the law.

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