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Credible again? Thanks to Julien !

Well, it’s only 28 games but what an improvement. The B’s looked great in this first quarter of the season and if they continue to improve, the team will start to gain some respect around the league.

There was no doubt, in my mind, that a change of coach was needed, last year. There was too many indicators who pointed Lewis as the main factor of the debacle. I was very happy with the arrival of Julien since he did a very good job in Montreal; a team who looked like the B’s, at the time. So far, Claude is delivering even with some key players on the DL.

The team is playing harder; the forecheck is very good and despite the number of shots allowed, the job a bit easier for the goaltenders. Aside the high scoring game in L.A, the team handles the pressure of a close game very well. Instead of killing themselves with turnovers and bad mistakes, the B’s capitalize on every mistake made by the other team.

A lot of fans are deceived by the playing style of the team but they forget how bad this team was last year. Under Lewis, the B’s had no system, no leadership and no direction. Players were left alone with catastrophic results. The B’s are not an offensive powerhouse but they learn the first and crucial step of not killing themselves with stupid mistakes. It’s all about the process of playing great in his zone and then focus on the other end.

It’s only a 28 games sample and it’s way too early to get excited (the B’s have the bad habit to crash and burn in December-January). But, so far, they are doing well and they are 200% better than last year in many aspects. Yes, this team is credible again and all the credit has to go to the men behind the bench…

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2 comments for “Credible again? Thanks to Julien !”

  1. Maybe all this winning in Boston is contagious. Could the Bruins make the playoffs as well?

    Posted by KC | December 9, 2007, 7:58 pm
  2. Playoffs still a long shot, IMO. There’s 4-5 teams in the mix and we will have to wait until the end of january to have a clear picture of what the team is made of. I must admit that the B’s impressed me lately with their play since they had/have two regulars d-man on the self and Bergeron out for a couple of months.

    Posted by Luc | December 10, 2007, 5:33 am

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