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Habs down B’s 5-2; Goaltending Issue Starts to Take It’s Toll

After a punishing skating session, Bruins fans were enthusiastic about the matchup between their team and the long hated Habs. Despite their best efforts, the Bruins fell short; thanks to a brutal performance of Tim Thomas between the pipes.

I must say that I was very frustrated by the result since the team worked very hard to get back in that game being down 2-0 (the second goal was a gift by Thomas) after one period. We can’t stress this issue enough: it starts with goaltending. The Bruins were good in the first half of the season because of Thomas’s performance. Now, the team has a tough time building a long winning streak because of Thomas’s inconsistency. Peter Chiarelli acquired Manny Fernandez because Tim Thomas was not good enough and because their were questions about his consistency. In his last 10 games, Thomas had, at least, 4 bad games where he was a factor in the team losses. Of course, it’s not his fault entirely. One player can’t make a team win, but in hockey, you need strong goaltending to achieve a high level of performance. With Fernandez on the self, the Bruins are in the same situation as last year.

Despite what some Kool-Aid drinkers are saying, Tim Thomas is not a legitimate #1 goaltender in the NHL. By a #1 goaltender, you assume that the guy will be consistent, rarely have a bad game, and have a hate-to-lose mentality that will put him over the top. When you look at Thomas, there’s an absence of any kind of goaltending techniques: the feel-good story where the guy builds sheds in his time off; the numerous excuses (#1 goaltenders are looking for answers not excuses) to explain his lapses and most importantly, the lack of consistency. The same lack of consistency preventing any NHL teams to offer Thomas a contract to be their #1. This situation is not looking good at all…

So what’s next? Well, the Bruins made a dumb move by trading Toivonen (actually he’s another young player who the B’s gave up on) and now, all their hopes are (talk about putting your eggs in the same basket; credits to the poster Kovs here) on Tuuka Rask who looks promising, but didn’t play that much in the NHL, so far. It always amazes me to see the uncanny ability of the Bruins to overlook an important issue as the goaltending. We can’t blame Chiarelli for trying, but we can blame the whole organization for their lack of vision regarding the position. If you look at the number of goaltenders who played in Boston in the last 10 years, you will probably spit out your coffee in disbelief. Wanna laugh? Look at this list of goaltenders: John Blue, Blaine Lacher, Jon Casey, Jim Carrey, Phillipe Sauve, John MacDonals, John Graham and so it goes… The last legitimate #1 of this organization was Andy Moog, who could win a game by his play. Since then, the Bruins rely on quick fixes and feel-good stories.

Fans who watch hockey for years know that quick fixes don’t work. Feel good stories are interesting and can make you a winner if the right ingredients are in place. That’s definitely not the situation with the Bruins. This organization is looking for solutions in order to be competitive and while their busy to find something worthy, they forget the most important thing: It starts with goaltending. Bruins fans, pray for Rask to be the real deal…

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