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Seller or Buyer?

Should the Bruins sell or buy? That’s the hottest topic among Bruins boards and forums these days. One thing is for sure, the team is in the playoffs race despite a lineup, which was depleted too many times by injuries. Buy? Sell? Status quo? Let’s see what are the pros and cons for each situation:

Buy: The Bruins find themselves in an unusual situation. For the first time, in many years, the team is overachieving despite injuries to key players. Claude Julien make miracles with his lineup and the young players of the organization are up to the task. Some fans wants to see Peter Chiarelli to buy in order to make the playoffs. Yes, it would be pleasant to see the team in the playoffs, but what would be the cost of an impact player? Is the timing right to acquire an impact player?

My answer to the first question is high and my answer for the second question is no. When you look at the return generated by the Forsberg trade, I doubt that the Bruins have what it takes to land a player like Hossa without harming their future. Names like Kessel, Rask and co. would pop up in trade discussions and I doubt that the Bruins have the luxury (considering what they have in their farm system) to part with these young assets. Another thing to consider is the timing. I don’t think the Bruins can go deep in the playoffs this year and the acquisition of an impact player might not change a lot of things in this situation. An impact player is one of the ingredients of a contending team, but not the only one. The re-signing of this impact player might be difficult for the Bruins since they have a ton of hefty contracts (Murray, Savard, Chara, Bergeron and Ferndandez) to handle. Granted that the Bruins have more cap space this year due to the Fernandez and Bergeron long time injury exceptions, but what will happen, next year, when these two guys will be in the lineup? You see the problem as I do…

Sell: A situation where the team and the fans find themselves too many times in the past few years. Luckily, I don’t think it’s the case this year. The team is performing above the expectations and the fans are very enthusiastic about their team. There’s no sign of a collapse, so far, and I don’t know why Chiarelli would put himself in a selling mode while he’s in the mix for a playoff spot. The Bruins might try to cut ties with Glen Murray, but his recent injuries and lack of production make him almost untradeable…

Status quo: I’m not a huge fan of this strategy, but I think it’s the best one for the Bruins this year. The team is showing a good progression and the mix of veterans and youngsters seems to gel with good results. The Bruins are not on the verge to be a contending team and even if some fans think that anything can happen in the playoffs, I don’t think it’s the case for the Bruins. The best option for Chiarelli is to roll with the actual roster and pray that they will continue to perform well under Claude Julien’s coaching. I don’t see why the team should take a chance with a rental or an impact player (and give some of his future) unless he’s able to re-sign the guy. Because of their cap issues, I don’t see that happening unless the team unload some salary which mean the trading of Bergeron, Savard or Chara.

Buy? Sell? Status quo? Your call is good as mine but one thing for sure, this trade deadline will be more exciting for Bruins fans than any others we saw in the past few years.

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