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More Drugs in Baseball

Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, the best pitcher and best hitter, in all of baseball, maybe ever, have proven how rampant drugs are in baseball. It’s disgusting. And horrible for baseball. What other sport has had this level of disgrace?.. And survived? And it all comes back to Canseco.

What if Canseco and others were right that 50% to 70% of all baseball players were using PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs) at one point? Who can still be held sacred? It’s a tough one.

It comes down to fans. Writers, radio guys, ESPN commentators, PTI guys, whoever all have their own opinion. There is a very good chance your favorite player did PED. If it matters to you, you have to decide to yourself whether you can still admire him.

All this cheating is to a degree. Some guys admit going from being a C- player to a B. Or bringing their A game to a whole new level. But what about the normal guys. A guy who used HGH to heal faster but was still out many months. Or just a good contact guy who was already a hard worker who wanted more power. A lot of his friends did steroids, so he tried it but it didn’t really work. He was the same player. Even with PED it doesn’t necessitate a better player on the other side.

How much can we punish the players for a problem that was rampant solely because baseball didn’t stop it. Adults will cheat to get ahead like anyone will. If no one is watching, everyone is doing it, and no one is punishing the guys doing it… sounds dumb not to do it.

I’m still in a small group who thinks everyone should move on. Accept the era for what it was. Baseball should crack down on all the possible PED use. But beyond that, its like trying to piece together shredded up newspapers in a dump. Its a small piece after small piece, coming together for almost nothing. It’s almost impossible to ever say any of these players 100% did PED. And only because we’re talking about the best players in baseball do we dig as deep.

One word to describe it all: ugly.

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