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Baseball: Pick-Ups and Drop-Offs

A short segment on fantasy baseball players to look for, either during your draft or in the current free agent pool. Depending on your own league settings, you might want to look deeper into the stats and see what secret sexy baseball Casanova you can find. Don’t get too charmed by speed: a guy who just steals, but still sucks (i.e. Julio Lugo), can ruin your team in other ways.

Keep your eyes on these guys…

Pick-Ups (Try to get them)

  • Josh Hamilton, Tex (CF/RF)
    • Josh is sexy in all the right ways. He plays CF in Texas and is a former #1 overall draft pick with power. He is very undervalued in most drafts. With the most recent release from Texas being they won’t platoon him against lefties, a full-time job for Hamilton along with a healthy year could mean a major All-Star and diamond in the rough.
  • Joey Votto, Cin, 1B/LF
    • If you believe Cincinnati and Votto’s body will allow him to play +150 games, then he’s a steal going in the 14th round or later. At +150 games you could have a 100 R, 100 RBI, 28-32 HR guy. To be more conservative I’d say expect 90 R, 90 RBI and 27 HRs. If you avoided getting a 1st baseman or Util guy till late, Votto is your man.
  • J.R. Towles, Hou, C
    • Looking for a starting catcher? But its the 15th round? Well you obviously waited too long to get a guaranteed guy. But if you want to take a shot at getting one late anyway Towles could be it. Towles will have the full time catching job in Houston and has had a decent hitting career in the minors. If his bat continues to progress he could be a better than average catcher.

Be weary of these sexy picks. They arn’t as good looking as you might have thought.

Drop-Offs (Try to lose them)

  • Justin Upton, Ari, RF
    • In drafts a lot of people have gone for Justin early. Although this Upton might be better than his brother B.J. in the future, he won’t be this year, and maybe not next year. Justin is still just 20 years old. His bat isn’t ready to be a fantasy option. I’d say there is a 60% chance that he will be unownable this year, 25% he’s borderline in a league and 15% chance he is better than any other Free Agent option. If you can get him real late in a draft it could be worth the chance.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury, Bos, CF
    • Now don’t go run and drop Jacoby. Yeah he is good. But he’s not a starter. There are rumors of Crisp being traded but it’s not a guarantee by far or the trade would have happened by now. If Coco and Ellsbury platoon together Ellsbury’s value is near nothing. So don’t get Ellsbury early. If you already own him, just pray before the trade deadline the Red Sox trade Coco and Ellsbury can lead you into the playoffs.
  • Erik Bedard, Sea, SP
    • Word of warning about Bedard, 2007 was the best Bedard had pitched in his life. By far. Moving to the AL West will make the competition easier but he might only be a pretty good pitcher. A 3.40 ERA guy with 15 wins. In the average draft Bedard is going third round ahead of Brandon Webb. If you’re going to take a pitcher that early its a much smarter decision to take Webb than Bedard. Let someone else take the risk on him.

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