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The Idea of Red Sox Nation Has Gotten Out of Hand

Over the past weekend, the “President” and “Vice President” of Red Sox Nation sent out a memo announcing a five point plan for this year. Yes, that’s right, a five point plan for a group of fans. They claim the initiatives were inspired by fans, but instead, much of these ideas seem inspired by ego. This sort of plan is the one that brings on mocking from outside fans and makes those who do strive to be taken as good natured fans feel as if they are part of some large bureaucracy.

For example, let’s take a look at point one:

Point One: Appointment of Governors

The President and Vice President of Red Sox Nation will appoint one governor per U.S. state, beginning with the states within New England. Appointments may also be made for representatives of countries and territories where the Red Sox have a following. Each governor will be responsible for organizing Red Sox viewing parties for fans in their state, and collecting feedback from his/her constituents.

Yes, that’s right, there’s going to be a governor of Red Sox fans for each state. I bet Remy runs for Massachusetts, just so he can tout on each broadcast his dual roles in addition to his status as a commentator. And boy, this sure makes it hard to take any commentary Remy makes as not having a “homer” viewpoint. I’m sure that one Red Sox fan in Montana is really struggling to figure out who he should nominate for governor of Red Sox Nation in his home state. And really, if you’re going to create a governor, can you give them more power than feedback collector and viewing party organizer? This plan is going to make the title governor more of an empty title than George Bush has made of the title President. Furthermore this will just encourage fans of every other team to laugh in the faces of Red Sox fans.

Point Two: Two-Year Census

As part of an initiative to hear directly from Red Sox Nation, Remy and Crawford will create a two-year census, which will ask fans to give feedback on how the Red Sox can better serve their fans. Any and all ideas will be heard, and the best may be presented to Red Sox ownership for possible implementation. The census will also help put a face on the ever-expansive, worldwide fan base that is Red Sox Nation.

So every two years Red Sox fans will be asked a meaningless poll? And doesn’t this overlap with the duty of the governor in collecting feedback? Way to undercut those guys. Honestly, though, I didn’t know that people had trouble identifying what the fan base of the Red Sox is like in terms of demographics and all. If that’s the case, Red Sox nation is as hopeless as the Iraq war, since there’s another President who doesn’t understand the subject matter.

Point three is quite the whopper:

Point Three: Kid Nation Captains presented by Hood

Of utmost importance to the President and Vice President of Red Sox Nation is the representation and feedback of the team’s youngest fans. With that in mind, they will establish Kid Nation Captains presented by Hood. These elected leaders of Red Sox Nation will be responsible for representing Red Sox Kid Nation. They will also be entrusted to carry out Kid Nation’s “Kids Helping Kids” mission through the development and implementation of a new community service program supported by Hood, the Boston Red Sox, and all of Red Sox Kid Nation.

Kid Nation Captains. Wow. We really needed to do more to baby kids into thinking they’re special and the best, I guess. I sure hope Remy doesn’t actually expect the kids to do most of the work, instead their parents will help them do about 90% of it. Does Remy expect some kid to be able to put this down on a high school application as an extracurricular activity and for it to impress a school or something? You know how when you’re a kid and you’re playing some sport with friends and the two captains are trying to avoid taking that kid who is really awful? Well I suspect we’ll see a lot of that sort of attitude from the Kid Nation Captains.

The last two points are actually somewhat commendable, besides the “Win a Day with the World Series Trophy Sweepstakes” idea. You just know someone is going to do something disgusting with that trophy or break it somehow. This is probably one of the silliest ideas ever for a sweepstakes involving the World Series trophy. I guess Remy forgot how many college students are apart of Red Sox Nation.

These sort of initiatives are making the Red Sox Nation into a group with an elitist feel, instead of emphasizing that what you should be proud of is that your team has won two of the last four World Series and has a front office that is attempting to keep the team competitive for a long time, even if Lucchino does go nuts. Red Sox Nation is turning into a group where if you don’t have a title or special role, then you must not be as big of a fan as someone else. And that’s a dangerous way to divide fans who just want to enjoy the team and their attempts to become a dominant franchise. Jenn said it best when she said “In terms of the Red Sox, you don’t need to buy the most expensive merchandise (or any for that matter) or belong to a special club. You know if you are a fan and you shouldn’t have to prove it.” If Remy truly believes his plan is going to make for a more enjoyable experience, then maybe the fans should speak out and stop him from ruining what is a group that college kids have found to be an easy bandwagon to jump on, before it becomes a one wheeled cart.

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  1. Excellent post. As you know, I hate the idea of the “Official Red Sox Nation”. I totally agree that it’s turning our team into some elitist club. I don’t have to be a governor or mayor or senator or congressman or whatever to be a part of Red Sox Nation. I am a fan, plain and simple. I also like your comparison of the President of our country to the “President” of Red Sox Nation. Again, excellent post.

    Posted by Jennifer | April 14, 2008, 6:40 pm

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