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Patriots 2008 Schedule Released

Can you feel it? The NFL season has only been over for two months and still has four more until meaningful games, but Patriots fans all over New England got a glimpse of the season to come as the NFL has released the schedule for the 2008 season. Here’s the Patriots schedule (Home Games in bold):

Week 1: Chiefs, 1pm, CBS
Week 2: @Jets, 4:15pm, CBS
Week 3: Dolphins, 1pm, CBS
Week 4: BYE WEEK
Week 5: @49ers, 4:15pm, CBS
Week 6: @Chargers, 8:15pm, NBC
Week 7: Broncos, 8:30pm, ESPN
Week 8: Rams, 1pm, Fox
Week 9: @Colts, 8:15pm, NBC
Week 10: Bills, 1pm, CBS
Week 11: Jets, 8:15pm, NFL Network
Week 12: @Dolphins, 1pm, CBS
Week 13: Steelers, 4:15pm, CBS
Week 14: @Seahawks, 8:15pm, NBC
Week 15: @Raiders, 4:15pm, CBS
Week 16: Cardinals, 1pm, Fox
Week 17: @Bills, 1pm, CBS

My Take: The Patriots have endured very tough schedules over the past few seasons, due in large part to their success and the NFL rules regarding the best teams playing the best opponents. This year it looks like the Pats have a pretty favorable schedule. Because of the 49ers/Chargers games plus the Seahawks/Raiders games being back to back, it’s likely the Patriots will only have to travel out west twice during the season.

The bye week is the earliest possible for any team which could cause problems with tired legs late in the season, but other than a trip to Indy and the aforementioned game against the Chargers, the Patriots really don’t have many games where they won’t be the favorite by a touchdown. The Pats play the NFC West, arguably the NFC’s worst division top to bottom, and gets to play the Steelers and Broncos at Gillette.

Undefeated season? I don’t think so. The early bye week puts a kabosh on those thoughts but, barring injuries, at this point I don’t see the Patriots finishing any worse than 13-3. For now I’ll say they’ll finish 14-2 with losses to the Colts and perhaps a team like the Seahawks on the road.

What are your thoughts on the Patriots 2008 schedule?



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