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Bruins Lose Game 7, But Gain Relevance

The Bruins really pushed the Montreal Canadiens to their limits, but their efforts were not enough. A lot has to be said though about forcing a Game 7 after facing a 3-1 series deficit. For a moment, the Bruins became relevant in the Boston sports scene and it was an important step in the right direction for the franchise. While they ended up losing the game 5-0, they gave it their best and showed that, despite being the the 8th seed in the playoffs, they could hang with the best.

However tonight, Carey Price was just too much. He made clutch save after clutch save throughout the game. Fast forward to the midway portion of the second period, when Phil Kessel grabbed the loose puck and skated toward the net. He had Marco Sturm skating with him and he set him up for the shot. Sturm one-timed it and Price stopped him cold on a point-blank chance. For that stretch in the second period, it felt as though it was only a matter of time before the Bruins would score; they completed outplayed the Canadiens, yet Price goal-tended like a brick wall stopping everything in sight. Exhausted, the Bruins let up for a second, and game went to 3-0. At that point, the Canadien fans were…well in their typical mood and you could feel it was over for the Bruins.

It was a valiant effort guys! I don’t think I’ll forget that crazy game 6 for a long time. The excitement the Bruins brought to Boston this playoff season is a welcomed feeling. It has been too long to have the Bruins taking the back seat to the rest of Boston sports. By showing the fans that they stand a fighting chance against the competition, the Bruins have earned some well-deserved respect. Next season, next season…

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2 comments for “Bruins Lose Game 7, But Gain Relevance”

  1. I gotta disagree a little. Yes, forcing a game 7 put them on the sports scene for a moment, hell even I watched the game last night for a little.

    But while making the playoffs and losing in 7 may be viewed as a “step in the right direction”, this team is very far away from having anyone other than hockey fans care in Boston. They needed to win this series and knock out the No. 1 seed to gain any real momentum heading into next season. Even if they would have lost in the second round by a sweep, they might have caught the eye of some new fans.

    This team proved last night it is still not close to a team like Montreal talent wise. The Bruins need an influx of new talent in order to compete in the NHL. I think they have the right coach in Julien, but without two or three legit scorers and another hearty defender added, plus an elite goaltender (Tim Thomas is a nice story but he’s no Marty Brodeur), we won’t be talkin about the Bruins for another 11.5 months.

    Posted by Jeff | April 22, 2008, 8:23 am
  2. hell yeah!

    Posted by isaac | March 5, 2009, 10:05 am

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