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Celtics Four-Point Play (4-23)

This edition of the Four-Point Play will be entirely devoted to Mike Bibby’s comments about the Celtics as “fair weather” fans. I will have four separate but related points to make about his stupid, baseless comments.

1. Mike Bibby told reporters after Game 1 of the Hawks-Celtics first round series:

“(The crowd was) kind of loud at the beginning, but a lot of these fans might be bandwagon jumpers. They try to get on this now. Because I played here last year, too. I didn’t see three-fourths of them so it might be that. I remember them having bags on their heads. Are they the ones that had bags on their heads last year? It’s just a different look, but I guess that happens when you win.”

  • This will be the rant portion of the column. Allow me to steal a line from The Rock…Mike Bibby, KNOW YOUR ROLE AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH!
  • This quote is out of nowhere, especially considering he’s lucky to be even in the playoffs…because he was on the crappy Kings who missed the playoffs, then was traded to the Hawks, who at 35-47, made the playoffs!?! I’d feel honored to get swept by the #1 seed. At least he got in.
  • To say that after a win is one thing: it riles your team up, gets everyone thinking about winning the series. After getting blown out? It makes absolutely no sense.

2. Did he really see 1/4 of the crowd when he came as a visiting player last year?

  • The simple answer is that it is totally inaccurate. The attendance for Sunday’s game was approx. 18,624 (full capacity). The attendance for the one game the Kings played in Boston last season was approx. 16,000+ (WEEI with the info). After a little math….we determine that the Garden was at 85% capacity last year for a meaningless game against the Kings.
  • Put that in perspective…we’re talking about a 24-win team sending out 16,000 fans every night. How could that be considered “fair weather?” I mean…how?

3. Did Mike Bibby forget he was playing for the ATLANTA Hawks?

  • Yes. It’s common knowledge that Atlanta has among the worst fan bases around. I feel confident in saying that the fans for the Hawks probably are “fair weather.”
  • The Braves had problems selling out playoff games!?!?!?! There’s also word that the Hawks may be having trouble selling out their playoff games. How could that be? I thought the Boston fans were “fair weather.”
  • Personally, I think every single fan base for any sports team in the history of the world had its fair share of fair weather fans. To generalize a group of millions of fans is totally ludicrous and STUPID.

4. Kendrick Perkins responded to Bibby’s dumb remarks with this gem:

“Coming off a 2-for-10 shooting performance, you expect a guy to say something like that. We have the best fans in the world, but we don’t expect other players to like our fans.”

  • Perk is the man. He just is…that was the perfect way to respond. He basically called Bibby a sore loser. I bet those Atlanta fans will be selling their tickets if the Hawks are down 2-0 in the series after tonight’s game (which is probable).
  • Oh…and 2-for-10. If he actually performed and his team still lost I might understand of he had frustrations with his teammates and took it out on the fans. But…he shouldn’t be talking when he goes 2-10 from the floor. That’s an atrocious 20% shooting, which will not win you many games. He was totally outclassed on the court by Rajon Rondo and the rest of the Celtics, and probably will continue to be for the rest of the series.

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