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Celtics Win a Sloppy Game 1

The Celtics managed to hold on to the win in game one tonight, despite some sloppy shooting for both teams, but also some great defense on both sides. It was a low scoring game, ending with the Celtics on top 76-72. If you told me before the game that Ray Allen would not have any points and Paul Pierce would have only four and that the Celtics would go onto win, then I would say that you were crazy. Tonight, however, crazy was correct.

The Celtics were led by Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo and Sam Cassell brought in some needed support off the bench. KG put 28 points, eight rebounds, three assists, and two steals tonight and was really the biggest star of the game. Rondo contributed a good amount too with 15 points and six assists. Off the bench, the only big presence was Sam Cassell who had 13 points in 18 minutes. Kendrick Perkins also had seven points and 12 rebounds. What was incredibly strange was the fact that Ray Allen went 0-4 in shooting tonight and Paul Pierce was limited to only 4 points. Granted, Pierce got into foul trouble early in the game and had to sit for a while, but one would expect him to still do some damage later on. Things get even stranger when we look at the Cavs performance.

King Lebron James was one factor of this series that I am sure every Celtics fan was worried about. Tonight, he was nothing but a non-factor. Lebron managed to make only two field goals in the entire game. He scored the first bucket of the game and then managed a layup with about five and a half minutes left in the game. He did get 12 points due to foul shots as well as nine rebounds and nine assists. Scoring only two field goals in the entire game was completely surprising though, especially for Lebron. Cleveland’s scoring came mostly the big man Zydrunas Ilgauskas who had 22 points and 12 rebounds. Former Celtics forward/guard Wally Szczerbiak had 13 points.

This game was very strange for an opening match-up. Both teams played sloppy on offense and were making bad shots left and right. Well…that was mainly just James, Pierce, and Allen on both sides. The defense of both teams was great though, which helped keep it such a low score. Cleveland caused 21 turnovers and Boston caused 17 as well. It was a close game the whole way through and came down to the final seconds with James Posey hitting two key free throws to make it a two-possession game and Lebron James missing a potential game tying layup to add to his frustration on the night.

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5 comments for “Celtics Win a Sloppy Game 1”

  1. Talk about stealing one. Ray with 0 and Pierce with 4.

    I think this was the best chance for the Cavs to win a game in Boston. I’m liking my Celtics in 6 pick, I don’t see the Cavs having an answer to Kevin Garnett as Atlanta did with Al Horford.

    Let’s blow them out tomorrow and put any doubt to rest on who owns home court advantage.

    Posted by Jeff | May 7, 2008, 4:10 pm
  2. Man, was that an ugly game!! Neither team deserved to win, and it came down to a case of which team was slightly worse than the other. Does this mean that Pierce must sacrifice himself in every game in order to try to control James? I could accept that tradeoff, except that Ray Allen seems to be on one of his “pathetic scoring ability compared to the old days” streaks. This happened several times during the regular season, but nobody wanted to talk it about very much as the team kept winning anyway. Hopefully, he’ll pull himself together and not look as pathetic as a shooter, driver and ball passer as he did in that first game.
    Glad to see that Tony Allen got a few minutes of meaningful playing time, but does anybody know what Eddie House did to piss off Doc Rivers? What a slap in the face for a guy who did so much during the regular season. With Ray Allen unable to hit the broad side of a barn, it wouldn’t have killed Doc to give House at least a chance to hit some himself. Hard to see how it could have been any worse.
    Let’s hope it was just opening night jitters. You certainly can’t expect James to have a night like that again. As for Ray Allen, well the jury is still out. Please, Ray, make me eat my words!!

    Posted by Ken | May 7, 2008, 4:26 pm
  3. Well Jeff I hope you’re right about it going six games instead of seven. I know that’s only one more game but you just feel better when it doesn’t have to go to seven, but we’ll see what the Celtics can do on the road since I’m not too worried about them at home. Ken I completely agree with you and I’m a little nervous of how Lebron is going to retaliate in the rest of the games after such a poor performance last night. Ray will hopefully find his groove tomorrow night and I’m sure he will be fine. Remember he only took four shots total it wasn’t like he was 0-20 from the floor or anything. Also, I would like to know where Eddie House has been as well. It’s very strange to not see him in the games anymore.

    Posted by Geoff | May 7, 2008, 4:32 pm
  4. Can anyone think of a worse single game playoff performance than LeBron’s (2-18 FG, 10 turnovers, and blown layup in the waning seconds)?

    Or a worse combined playoff performance than LeBron, Pierce, and Ray Ray (4-36 FG, more turnovers than point [19-16])?

    Posted by Shotgun | May 7, 2008, 8:19 pm
  5. I’m sure there’s worse than LeBron..he did finish with 9 board and 9 assists.

    As far as three potential hall-of-famers with a horrible combined game….yeah that has to be some sort of record

    Posted by KC | May 8, 2008, 7:28 am

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