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LeBron Soars Over KG, Celtics


…and then LeBron James sent a strong message: the Cavs are going to provide the toughest test of the season for the Celtics. With one dramatic dunk around Rajon Rondo, James Posey, and then emphatically over NBA Defensive Player of the Year Kevin Garnett, LeBron showed that he’s capable of taking over a series.

What’s alarming is that the Celtics offense has just disappeared on the road after a disappointing 88-77 loss in Game 4 in Cleveland. Initially during their rocky road troubles in the playoffs, the Celtics defense couldn’t stop anybody. In Game 4 of the second round series, the Celtics held the Cavs mostly at bay, and in the end allowed only 21 points from LeBron James and 88 points overall. But, when you score just 12 points total in the fourth quarter, you have a lot of problems.

James still shot just 7/20 from the floor (35%), but certainly played well enough to bring this series back to Boston tied 2-2. Even his mom was pumped up: during a hard foul in the second quarter when Paul Pierce wrapped up LeBron on his way to the hoop, LeBron’s mom ran toward the court and confronted Pierce and Kevin Garnett. LeBron shouted in not-so-kind words “Go sit down!”

The Celts offense just plain had no punch: KG, Rajon Rondo, and Ray Allen led the Celtics with just 15 points each. Paul Pierce, who was so good playing at home for the Celtics, shot just 6-17 to finish with 13 points.

I mean, what is there left to say? The Celtics cannot win on the road in the playoffs, and I have no reason to think they will. I said the Celtics could win in seven games, but I absolutely guarantee if the Cavs win Game 5 in Boston (which they very well could), they’ll win the series in Game 6. I have no doubts about that at all.

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4 comments for “LeBron Soars Over KG, Celtics”

  1. Don’t really know what to say.

    -Doc taking Rondo out for the first seven minutes of the fourth is questionable at best considering Sam Cassell was horrid from the field and Rondo was the only one making plays for much of the game

    -Paul Pierce played something like 41 minutes but it seemed to me like he was never really in control while on the floor.

    -I thought the defense as a whole played pretty well for the game, the Cavs made some good plays and hit the big shots when needed

    -Lebron’s dunk at the end is something MAYBE two or three other guys on the planet could do. Incredible ups.

    -I wasn’t even that pissed after the game last night, because at this point I don’t really go into a road game feeling like they are going to pull it out.

    -I’m very afraid that we could drop Game 5 and home and that’s probly the ball game.

    -I hope these guys realize that this year might be their best chance to win an NBA title. They played a Hawks team who is only going to improve, they are playing a Cavs team which will sooner or later get some big help for Lebron and they aren’t getting any younger. Eddie House, Posey, Cassell and PJ Brown all probly won’t re-sign for the veteran minimum next year either.

    Posted by Jeff | May 13, 2008, 9:55 am
  2. I’d say Kobe can do that dunk…and maybe Vince Carter.

    But anyway…until the Celtics can prove they can win one road game, I’m predicting they wont win on the road this entire playoffs.

    Posted by KC | May 13, 2008, 5:31 pm
  3. This “losing away” seems a bit one-sided. Let us also not forget that since the Celtics are un-defeated at home, that also means its opponents are also winless on the road. Maybe the home court advantage is really that significant. Good thing they have home court throughout.

    Posted by Chris | May 13, 2008, 7:54 pm
  4. Only VC, MJ, and Dwight Howard could do that with such intensity. Seriously it wasn’t that bad. KG didn’t jump high and Lebron had already achieved maximum altitude. Thank God KG didn’t fall or the media would rip him apart

    Posted by Crapman | May 14, 2008, 8:59 am

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