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Not Another Pink Hat 5-15

As a Red Sox fan, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry has officially gone too far.

The Boston Herald reported on Tuesday that a Yankees fan successfully sued a Red Sox fan for a hand injury he sustained while punching the man in the face. That’s right, Gloucester, MA native David Sanborn was ordered by a California jury to pay $25,297 ($15,297 for medical costs and $10,000 punitive damages) to Yanks fan Mario Melendez after his role in a 2006 bar fight.

The fight started at Grand Avenue Bar & Grill in Carlsbad, CA. Melendez was there cheering on the Yankees vs. Indians and Sanborn the Sox vs. Tampa Bay. Reportedly, Melendez stood up to cheer when Jason Giambi hit a home run and Sanborn told him to “sit [his] fat ass down”.

The fight escalated until Melendez punched Sanborn “in self-defense” after the 6’1″ man lifted him in the air. He claims he “thought [Sanborn] was going to body slam [him], so [he] punched him in the mouth and… broke his teeth.” Since he’s a professional bongo player who depends on his hands to make a living, he decided to sue after going to the doctor and realizing the severity of his injury.

Sanborn calls the situation “ridiculous” and says that “It just goes to show what a Yankees fan is like. They’re greedy.”

My take: There’s so many things wrong with this story that I don’t even know where to start. First of all, this Sox fan is an embarrassment to The Nation. He says that he was raised to hate Yankees fans and while he admits the fight was stupid he says that “no one wants to hear a Yankees fan cheering.” OK, I can agree that some Yankees fans can be annoying, but to hate them and generalize them all as greedy is a bit much. Also, he must be pretty dumb not to countersue. The last time I checked, fixing teeth is a lot more expensive than putting ice on a bruised hand. With the right lawyer he probably could have made bank.

As for the Yankees fan, what a sissy! Well, that’s not exactly the word I was thinking of, so add whatever you deem appropriate. Boo hoo, you hurt your hand. Perhaps that will encourage you to get a real job. I didn’t realize you could make a living playing the bongos!

Lastly, I hope my fate never rests in this jury’s hands. Also, if I ever am on trial I’m going to make sure I have Mario’s lawyer. Let’s just make sure Ivonne Hernandez doesn’t get the same idea.

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3 comments for “Not Another Pink Hat 5-15”

  1. I’m am going to sue both of them for wasting my precious time reading this story.

    (Nothing wrong with your reporting Jenn, just pointing out the fact that this made it into the Herald is sad.)

    Posted by Dave | May 16, 2008, 7:36 am
  2. Well, people love to read about the Sox-Yankees rivalry. I doubt this story would have made it into the Herald if it wasn’t for last week’s car incident. I do agree that this probably shouldn’t have been published because it just gives more fuel to the Sox-Yanks fire and makes it seem like something really hateful instead of an innocent rivalry that’s all in good fun.

    Posted by Jennifer | May 16, 2008, 11:05 am
  3. as a witness, i was there that day this all went down!…the facts…david sandborn got there (bar)at about 9:00am or 10:00am that mornin. melendez was there with his 82yr old father who was a witness, put passed this new years day. they were to watch what was suppose to be a nice day of baseball. melendez goes there to watch his yankees play because they have the yes channel. that day jason giambi hit a home run & melendez stood up to cheer. then mrs sandorn who work’s there started to yell-“f–k the yankees” this continued for awhile. then she turned off the tv they were watching,several time’s. melendez asked the bar tender to please put the game back on & she did. david sandborn was on the other side of the bar & yelled to melendez to sit your fat ass down jeter, he had a jeter t-shirt on that day. they both had mr melendez sr. very nervous. melendez ask sandborn to calm down for his dad & asked to go out side to talk. sandborn said i’m gonna kick your ass & giving the mid-finger to melendez. sandborn approach melendez & picked him off the ground to bodyslam him & melendez in self defence hit sandborn in the mouth knocking him out cold & taking some teeth with that punch. it was over at that point. melendez called 911 they came sandborn was arrested for drunk in public & taken to vista jail. oh..sandborn was drinking 151 rum from 11:00am till 4:20pm when this all happened. melendez arrived at 4:00pm that day. who was out of control here?…he got what was coming to him…pay up you stupid boston fan..$$$$$ you go yankees fan…you should have gotton more..

    Posted by witness | May 16, 2008, 9:03 pm

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