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Celtics Four-Point Play 5-21

In this edition of the Celtics Four-Point Play, I’ll discuss Game 1 between the Celtics and Pistons, the NBA Draft Lottery, the rumored trade between the Nets and Nuggets, and the latest about Tim Donaghy.

1. The Celtics defeated the Pistons 88-79 in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

  • I was pretty impressed by the Celtics effort in Game 1. My first observation was that Chauncey Billups looks like he’s either really rusty or still hurt. Either way, it’s great news for the Celtics.
  • Also, it looks like Kevin Garnett can have his way all series with Rasheed Wallace. He’s stronger and more intense than Sheed and if he plays his cards right, he can get Sheed frustrated to the point where he’ll commit needless fouls.
  • Ray Allen looks like he just lost his touch. I think Doc Rivers is right in saying the C’s have to do a better job of giving Ray Ray clean looks, but he’s so off he’s even missing those!

2. The Chicago Bulls won the NBA Draft Lottery and now have the first selection in the upcoming NBA Draft despite a 1.7% chance of winning.

  • The Bulls are the second-longest shot to win the entire lottery. That distinction goes to the 1993 Orlando Magic. But, it would appear something is wrong here.
  • People argue that Chicago got the No. 1 pick this year because they’re a major-market team and Michael Jordan made Chicago a basketball town. That argument doesn’t work for me because small-market Portland won the lottery last year.
  • If it was so rigged, the Celtics (a major basketball town) would’ve won the lottery in 2007 and we wouldn’t have Kevin Garnett or Ray Allen and we’d be out of the playoffs yet again. It’s amazing how much things change in one year.

3. The Nets and Nuggets are talking a mega-trade that would have the Nuggets trading Carmelo Anthony and Marcus Camby to the Nets for a package headed by Richard Jefferson, Marcus Williams, Keith Van Horn’s contract and the Nets’ lottery pick.

  • Wow. Well…this means the Celtics need to win this year so we don’t have to worry about another power in the East. Kevin Garnett conquered the East, and now it’s Carmelo’s turn? Vince Carter, Carmelo Anthony, and Marcus Camby? That would be a nice trio.
  • The Nuggets would probably have a better situation in pairing Iverson with Richard Jefferson and some cap relief. The Nets’ lottery pick and Van Horn’s contract will also help to rebuild for the short term. Let’s face it, Iverson isn’t getting any younger and he wants to win now.

4. Former disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy claimed that he’s not the only official that gambled on games in an attempt to get his jail sentence thrown out and instead be put on probation.

  • Wednesday night, David Stern refuted Donaghy’s statements: “When the facts come out, those assertions will prove to be baseless.” Strong response from the commissioner. I bet he wants to make sure the NBA doesn’t go through a scandal like steroids in MLB or Spygate (SO STUPID) in the NFL.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Donaghy is telling the truth. I really wouldn’t. Call me skeptical, but why should I believe that Donaghy is the only dishonest referee in the NBA…or in sports? I mean, was Barry Bonds really the only one to do steroids? Come on!

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