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Dice-K Injured, Manny Hits No. 499 in Sox Loss

The Red Sox-Mariners game Tuesday night was a wild one with many storylines playing out. It’s rare that a random regular season game would have so many twists, but this one certainly did. The Mariners won 4-3 in walkoff fashion, but that’s not even half the story.

Starter Daisuke Matsuzaka left the game with apparent “shoulder fatigue” in the bottom of the fifth inning after two warmup pitches. In that same inning, third base umpire Angel Hernandez tossed Julio Lugo from afar after Lugo criticized Hernandez’s safe call of a check swing by Raul Ibanez. Terry Francona was also ejected as he came to Lugo’s defense…and…Manny Ramirez tied the game at 3-3 with one swing for his 499th career home run. Mike Timlin allowed a walkoff-RBI single in the ninth to give the M’s the victory.

Sox Stud of the Game:

Manny Ramirez definitely gets the nod for Stud of the Game, as he produced all three Sox runs with one swing. With that swing, Manny blasted his 499th career home run. If I know Manny well, he’ll probably hit No. 500 while on the road for the next five games.

Diamond Dud of the Game:

Angel Hernandez was a real dud this game. He tossed Julio Lugo (which really isn’t a big loss offensively or defensively) for no real reason. He heard Lugo say something from afar, when Lugo claims that all he said was “Check.” I’m never one to really trust athletes, but that would be something that makes sense to say and could be misheard to possibly mean something vulgar.

A-OK, Dice-K?

Let’s hope that Daisuke Matsuzaka is OK. Yesterday, I was bragging how the Red Sox are so lucky to have so much depth at starting pitching, but losing Dice-K would be catastrophic to the rotation. He’s been a rock in his spot for more than a year now, and his loss would certainly hurt.

Game Notes:

  • Five Red Sox are leading the All-Star voting at their respective positions: David Ortiz at DH, Manny Ramirez in OF, Kevin Youkilis at 1B, Dustin Pedroia at 2B, and Jason Varitek at C.
  • Ichiro had his 22nd steal of the season.
  • David Ortiz went 2-4 and is now batting .253.

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2 comments for “Dice-K Injured, Manny Hits No. 499 in Sox Loss”

  1. Are the Red Sox in trouble without Dice-K? I don’t think so. Of course the injury doesn’t appear to be serious, but if they were to lose him for a start or two, is the world going to end? Probably not. Don’t get me wrong Dice has been our ace this year, but without him (as you mentioned in your previous post) we do have amazing depth at starting pitcher.

    Even though Timmy Wakefield struggled against the A’s he’s gonna get it together and we’re going to get a W. Only question left is will Manny hit 500 tonight!!!

    Great blog!!!

    Posted by Wicked Pissa Dude | May 28, 2008, 7:01 pm
  2. Thank you for the praise. Yea maybe his loss wouldn’t be catastrophic considering my previous post that said the Sox are stacked with starting pitching.

    I mean, I’d rather him go and get 100% before he comes back, but I also don’t want him vacationing to rehab during the season or something.

    Posted by KC | May 29, 2008, 3:33 am

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