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Youkilis and Hansen for Teixeira?


Ah, the difficulties of being a GM. Should Theo pick up Manny’s option? Should Theo sign Jason Varitek after the season? For right now, the most pressing concern for the Red Sox is what they will do before the July 31 trade deadline. Should the Red Sox consider trading one of their young arms? Where will the Sox find bullpen help? Now that the Yankees have traded for both Damaso Marte and Xavier Nady, how will the Red Sox react? Will they make a bold move? Or…how about this one: Should the Red Sox trade Kevin Youkilis and Craig Hansen to the Atlanta Braves for Mark Teixeira?

Dan’s Side

The situation happened like this:

Theo: So Braves GM, we’re interested in seeing what it would take to get Tex from you?
Braves GM: (After much thought) Youkilis and Hansen at least.
Theo: OK. (Click)

The trade won’t happen because Tex would be a two-month rental plus any playoff time and then would become a free agent. Plain and simple: he’s a Scott Boras free agent. He won’t re-sign with the Sox just because we traded for him. We could just go for him in two months as a free agent anyway.

So what Dev fails to realize is he won’t sign a deal with any team he gets traded to. He just won’t. Boras won’t recommend it unless they are giving exactly what they want, which is somewhere in the $25 million/year range for five years. The Sox front office is not giving that to a player. With the end of the season two months away, the Red Sox would have no leverage for him to sign. Especially when, given the time over the summer, they would probably be able to get the production at a much cheaper price.

Youkilis is stuck with the Sox for another two years, although he’ll get pricey after arbitration. He’ll probably earn in the neighborhood of $8 million in 2009 and $10 million in 2010. Hansen, meanwhile, is with the Sox for five more years at a very minimal price unless he plays well enough to earn more.

The situation is simple: If Ortiz can’t come back, Theo wants to know his options. Thats the only reason the trade talks happened.

Oh and I bet if the trade did happen, Youkilis alone would be enough, or maybe plus a lower level prospect. The league is aware of how valuable Youkilis is. His credentials of being an All-Star gold glove first baseman say it all.

So if they did trade Youkilis, Theo would have to plan to get a first baseman in the offseason. Adam Dunn maybe? Not Tex though. With both NY clubs getting new stadiums and having holes at 1B, it’ll be a bidding war. I mention Dunn as my dream guy, as the stat head part of me would love to see how he would help a premiere offense like the Sox.

This team will be highly competitive whether Teixeira is acquired or not. The talent is already there. It may need a tweak, but certainly not a major move.

Dev’s Side

Kevin Youkilis was a late-bloomer prospect and has amazing plate patience and decent pop. But the problem is he’s not exactly young. To complicate matters, neither is Manny. Tex Mex, on the other hand, hasn’t even reached his power peak yet. No one wants to lose the Greek/Jewish God of Walks, but with Manny looking to cash in and his age becoming a factor, it may behoove the Sox to part ways.

Craig Hansen sucks, let him be someone else’s problem – any value he does have, he’s giving away with his repeated terrible outings. If the Braves are willing to have him so be it; he’ll never be a closer.

Many say that we can just get Mark as a free agent, keep Youk and then slot him over at LF and start Tex at 1B. While I agree this situation is the ideal one, and definitely the one I would want, there’s just no way that’s gonna happen. The Yankees who still don’t have a real 1B, (Giambi wants to play there, but he really needs to be a DH) will come hard at Tex especially just to block the Sox anyway.

There is a definite question about Teixeira being able to play for a big-market team, because he has yet to do so. The Rangers and Braves are far from big-market teams. I think that the Braves know they can’t and won’t re-sign Tex, and they would love to add a guy like Youk to spark their clubhouse. I disagree with Dan that Scott Boras will be an issue. Yes, he always gets the most money for his players, but Theo has proven and successful experience working with Boras. So this may make signing him as a free agent more feasible but it’s no guarantee.

Adam Dunn is not the kind of player the Sox would want to add. His power and walks are amazing, there’s no denying that. The “stat head side” of Dan wants to see Dunn join our club. However, his career .247 average is one glaring stat that would run him out of Boston. He would be detrimental to the Sox in an incredibly competitive AL East. While Dunn may be the “Peyton Manning of the MLB” (Yeah, I know, I’m screaming at the monitor too) to fellow writers Dan and Pete, the truth is he’s not much help to a team. Ask the Reds how much they love Adam Dunn, yeah they have awful pitching, but what good has he brought to that team? Homeruns are very sexy, as Dan says, “Chicks dig the longball”. But “chicks” and homers don’t guarantee wins.

Here’s some more stats for ya. Look at the Reds again, they have 6th most homeruns in MLB (119). Yet they’re still 10.5 games out of the NL Central.

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