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Did the Red Sox Get Enough for Manny?

No, and there’s no way to get “enough” in return for Manny Ramirez. You can’t just go out and trade superstar for superstar; this isn’t fantasy baseball. No smart GM will just willing give a younger star for an aging and dramatic one, despite the fact he is still one of the best hitters in baseball.

Age is a huge factor in all of this and it’s one we tend to underestimate. The point wasn’t to get another Manny, because the idea was to rid themselves of him and his personality. The week leading up to the deadline you could see the weight of all the drama taking its toll on the team.

Manny Being Manny

Manny’s antics just lost their cuteness. He’s an amazing hitter who wants to just let the other stuff (listed below) slide.

  • How about dogging it to 1st/2nd instead of running hard?
  • Adventures (bad defense) in left field (Though I will admit he still has the fastest release in baseball. He’s stopped many doubles at Fenway or turned doubles to outs because of it).
  • Avoiding young stud pitchers? You can try and deny it but the trend is ongoing and it’s not limited to this season either.
  • And just other crazy things…I’m sure he’s probably got mental issues, and it was gonna hurt our team long run.

Did Manny go too far?

It’s sad it got to this point, but Manny did force the issue. He really wanted out and maybe they could have kept him and it would be alright like last time. But, this incident was much more public than any other one before. All those past times, people just said they heard Manny was unhappy and then later they said he was happy again. This was far too public for anyone’s liking.

Are the Red Sox to blame too?

These are just things that the Sox made excuses for and thus as fans we did the same. Manny is not completely to blame, the Sox are too. There were separate rules for this guy and eventually the team paid the price. Are we playoff-bound without him? We will see. Are we a better team? Unless Jason Bay is gonna go urinate in the Monster (Who am I kidding that was awesome), then I’d like to say so. No clue how he will be under the spotlight, but we’ll see.

Jason Bay’s Potential

Jason Bay might not be the superstar that Manny is but he is still a very very good player. His numbers might even go up playing in Fenway which is more of a hitters park than in Pittsburgh as well as the fact that he will be batting in a lineup that includes better players.

Bay is a much better overall player than Manny. He’s better defensively and although I don’t think he is fast I bet he can run much better than Manny and will actually hustle down the line to first. So I suppose you can’t really get “enough” again but what they did get is pretty damn good. The Red Sox got rid of Manny, who was an internal problem that is older, more expensive, and doesn’t hustle as much as Bay. Bay is the best of what they could have obtained during the trade deadline and I am very pleased to see him here in Boston.

The Lost Pieces in the Manny Trade

Also, best of luck to Brandon Moss as I think he will develop into a good outfielder just as David Murphy has with Texas. Craig Hansen? Well that may take a while for anything good to happen there…

Hansen sucks but I’m sure he’ll be a closer for the crappy Pirates. Good luck to them winning games and having a lead of more than three runs.

In the end, why did the Red Sox make the trade?

The Sox needed to get Manny out of the clubhouse because of too many little annoying things that caused problems.

This wasn’t a move out of choice, it was of necessity, for a lot of people’s sanity. If this situation didn’t get so bad, then I’d say keep Manny. But it got too bad, too fast, the relationship needed to end.

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