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NBA Schedule Release: Good Timing for the Celtics

In this edition of the Four-Point Play, I’ll take a peek at the new Celtics schedule and why it’s a good time to release it, Paul Pierce and his recent run-in with the law, the Kwame Brown signing in Detroit, and a preview the US Olympic Basketball team.

1. The NBA released its full schedule on Wednesday, generating excitement for NBA basketball months before the season opener.

  • First, I think the Cavs are a great way to start off the season. I think they were the Celtics’ toughest opponent during the playoff run and the NBA can’t do any wrong in headlining LeBron James in the opening game.
  • A Christmas Day game against the Lakers will also be great for the NBA and truly enjoyable to watch.
  • The Schedule was released at just the right time, as the C’s took a slight PR hit when Paul Pierce was pulled over and nearly arrested in Las Vegas on Sunday morning. More on that next…

2. Paul Pierce was recently handcuffed on Sunday morning in Las Vegas for an illegal lane change and subsequent agitated behavior.

  • Pierce is a big guy and probably seemed threatening to the officer when he acted agitated. The officer also suspected that Pierce may be drunk, so he detained him. Pierce passed both the field sobriety test and Breathalyzer test to prove he was not driving under the influence.
  • This is where the story should end, and hopefully it has. There was a slight uproar on various message boards and on over Pierce and his antics, but he truly did nothing wrong other than a lane change without a turn signal (something both you and I have done in the past).
  • With that said, the NBA schedule was released, allowing it to dominate Celtics headlines and push Pierce’s incident into the darkness.

3. Detroit signed Kwame Brown as the former No. 1 overall pick looks to resurrect his career in a Pistons uniform.

  • If Joe Dumars and co. can turn this kid around, then kudos to them. In his career, Brown has probably been the biggest stiff in the NBA. He collected lots of money for his premature No. 1 selection by Michael Jordan and the Wizards, and did almost nothing to earn that contract.
  • His name has attracted a lot in return however, with the Wizards acquiring Caron Butler in a trade from the Lakers, and the Lakers grabbing Pau Gasol in a trade from Grizzlies. Actually, this may be his biggest claim to fame: teams acquire Brown because they think they can turn him around when in fact it has never happened.

4. The NBA Redeem Team is the favorite to win the Gold Medal at the Beijing Summer Olympics.

  • This is usually the case for the U.S. Basketball team in international competition, though lately teams like Spain (Pau Gasol), Germany (Dirk Nowitzki) and others have improved and made it a more level playing field.
  • Still, this year’s team features all the best basketball players in the world: Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, etc.
  • One problem they might face is their lack of big men. The only true center on the team is Dwight Howard, with Chris Bosh more of a power forward at 6’10”.

Who should the Celtics' opponent be to open the NBA season?

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