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Did Tom Brady Need the Preseason?

Tom Brady‘s ACL tear was a freak accident (yes, I think the hit was clean), but I wonder if he was affected by not having played a preseason game.  There was the pre-existing foot injury that kept him out of action in the preseason.  Were the injuries more serious than the Patriot organization led us to believe? 

We all know Bill Belichick is elusive, and as Patriot fans, we love him for it, so this seems like a reasonable possibility.  If the injury was worse than let on and bad enough to cost him the preseason, should he have been out there to begin with in Week 1?  Was he overcompensating for the foot or was it affecting his mobility or flexibility?  If it was more hype than substance, should he not have seen at least a few plays in at least one of the games?

I am in no way questioning Brady’s work ethic as we know he loves to practice and is very serious about his work in the weight room, staying in shape, and the like, but scrimmages are no comparison to an NFL game.  As a quarterback, he is wearing the red jersey, so he is not taking any contact in scrimmages.  As league MVP, he knows no one is getting near him on the practice field, so his senses may have been numb to the pressure he was feeling on Sunday.  Practicing and scrimmages also do not prepare you for the speed or the hits of an NFL game, something he would have seen in a preseason game.

I certainly do not think the Patriots would be reckless with their franchise player, but they seemed too cautious with him in the preseason and Sunday’s injury, though it could have happened to any quarterback, may have been a result of that.  Do you think Tom Brady should have been in a preseason game before starting the opener?

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2 comments for “Did Tom Brady Need the Preseason?”

  1. Are you implying that not playing in the preseason is the reason a guy bent Brady’s leg in ways it isn’t designed? We all know Brady is a statue in the pocket, he always has been.

    What’s the excuse for when this happened to Carson Palmer? It wouldn’t have happened if the Bengals missed the playoffs? C’mon.

    This is just not a very smart or well thought out argument. It’s bad luck. That’s all it is.

    Posted by Jason | September 10, 2008, 9:12 am
  2. If anything, I’d say Belichick played it perfectly, not allowing Brady to play in the pre-season. The risk was too much; if he ever was injured during one of those games, he’d never hear the end of it. Like Jason says, this was just bad lack; I blame it oh chaos theory.

    Plus, Belichick’s decision gave Cassel the ability to learn the plays and have more time with the first team. It’s almost as if Belichick saw this coming…

    Posted by Chris | September 10, 2008, 8:12 pm

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