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Race to the Playoffs Close as October Approaches

Well. September is just about two weeks old now and the division race in the AL East is in full throttle. The division is currently featuring the Tampa Bay Rays still hanging onto first place with the Red Sox behind by just two games. The lower teams in the division also switched, with the Yankees falling to fourth place and the red-hot Blue Jays taking third.

The only thing bad about all this is that the Red Sox could have been on top of the division at the end of this week but with only win against the Rays, they still remain two games back.

The week started with the end of the Rangers series, which the Sox took 2-1. Then on Monday the Tampa Bay Rays came to town. The Sox started off strong with a win in the first game to put the division lead at just a half game. However, the Sox took some heartbreaking losses in the second two games with Jonathan Papelbon blowing a rare save on Tuesday and a 14-inning loss due to a three run homer from Carlos Pena on Wednesday.

The Red Sox still maintain a good position in the wild card race if it has to come to that. The Sox currently lead the Minnesota Twins by five and a half games in those standings with the Blue Jays third in the race at six and a half games back. Toronto can be put away for good this weekend if the Sox can win a pivotal four-game series.

The best part of all this is seeing the Yankees fall farther and farther away. At the beginning of the season, I predicted the Yankees would finish in fourth but I also thought the Rays would be in third. I was partially right at least, but it seems like the Yankees are pretty much out of both of these races.

The Red Sox look like they’ll take the wild card spot at this rate, but there are still three more games against the Rays at Tropicana Field. Don’t think that the standings are locked just yet.

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