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MLB Division Series Playoff Predictions

It’s time to turn the calendar to October, and that means playoff baseball is upon us. The American League Division Series and National League Division Series are now underway beginning today, and Sports of Boston’s Mike and Geoff have offered their take on each series in the opening round of the MLB playoffs.

ALDS: Red Sox vs. Angels

Mike’s Prediction (Angels in 5): He offered his perspective in his View from the Monster piece on Monday, and his mind has not changed one bit. “This is not a good matchup for the Sox. The Angels don’t score much, but their pitching is awesome.”

Geoff’s Prediction (Red Sox in 4): “Red Sox pitching is better in postseason. The Sox hitters can drive more runs in than the Angels, and K-Rod is overrated.”

ALDS: White Sox vs. Rays

Mike’s Prediction (Rays in 4): “In the Wild Card era, three of four teams that won a one-game playoff went on to win their division series, but the White Sox bats can be shut down. They just can’t manufacture runs with their slow and low-OBP lineup.”

Geoff’s Prediction (Rays in 4): “The Rays bullpen is phenomenal. Chicago’s starters are mediocre while Tampa’s starters are very talented. The hitting on both sides seems to be on an equal level but the Rays just seem unstoppable at this point.”

NLDS: Cubs vs. Dodgers

Mike’s Prediction (Cubs in 4): “Manny Ramirez is really the only threat in that lineup (Rafael Furcal is back and Russel Martin and Andre Ethier are nice, but not threats).  The Cubs pitching is good enough to get this done.”

Geoff’s Prediction (Cubs in 3): “Who even pitches for the Dodgers other than Chad Billingsley? Batting is talented on both sides but it ultimately comes down to pitching in the postseason and the Dodgers just don’t match up well enough against Zambrano, Dempster, and Harden.”

NLDS: Brewers vs. Phillies

Mike’s Prediction (Brewers in 5): “CC Sabathia will win two games if the Brewers can make it to Game 5.  Ryan Howard strikes out way too much and the Phillies (Howard specifically) are bad with runners in scoring position, even worse with RISP and two men out.  The Brewers have to minimize their bullpen’s innings to win.”

Geoff’s Prediction (Brewers in 5): “Again pitching is the key here, but both teams really only have two great starters each. C.C. Sabathia and Ben Sheets for the Brewers are great, but so are Cole Hamels and Brett Myers for the Phillies. I think ultimately the Brewers lineup will beat up more on the Phillies pitching with Ryan Braun getting hot at just the right time.”

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  1. wow I guess I might be way off with my NL predictions…didn’t even realize Sheets wasn’t going to be playing and I guess you really don’t need pitching thus far with the Dodgers case.

    Posted by Geoff | October 3, 2008, 3:32 pm

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