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TGIF: WR Specials for Week 6

Over the past few weeks in a couple of my football leagues, I have been streaming WR’s due to some injuries. At the risk of sounding modest, I have been doing pretty gosh darn well for myself (pardon my language). So, I figured I would share this knowledge with the public.

Bobby Wade, Minnesota Vikings

The big reason why I choose Wade is because the Vikings are facing the worst defense in the NFL in the form of the Detroit Lions. The Lions are allowing over 420 total yds per game to their opponents. That is beyond ridiculous. They might as well just be using remote controlled tackling dummies. So clearly, the Vikings are going to have a field day this Sunday.

In the past two weeks, Wade has been productive by having games of 7 catches for 75 yds in Week 4 and 8 catches for 64 yds in Week 5. Vikings’ QB Gus Frerotte has been getting him the ball and the matchup is more than favorable.

Brandon Stokley, Denver Broncos

Stokley has been a productive member of the Broncos’ high-powered offense in the last two weeks by hauling in 13 catches for 132 yds and a TD. His fellow WR Eddie Royal has been the #2 WR but suffered a sprained ankle in last Sunday’s game against Tampa Bay. There are mixed reports that say Royal will play Sunday and that he won’t play Sunday. Well even if he does, his ankle will slow him down and Stokley will be depended on to pick up the slack.

The Broncos go up against the disappointing Jaguars who are currently ranked with the 21st best defense in the NFL by allowing 344 ypg. They let Ben Roethlisberge throw for over 300 yds in The Steelers’ victory during Week 5. It was Big Ben’s first game of the season where he surpassed 200 yds passing.

Braylon Edwards, Cleveland Browns

Now, I am really stretching on this one but, screw it, you only live once. Edwards’ season has been disappointing with only 95 yds and one TD. I am picking Edwards just for the sole reason that this week he finally gets some relief.

Browns’ WR Donte Stallworth is set to make his season debut this Sunday when the Browns host the New York Giants. Stallworth has been sidelined since the start of the season when he pulled his quad muscle. It is a longshot but maybe he can take some pressure off of Braylon Edwards and the Cleveland passing game can get off the ground.

The Giants have one of the best defenses in the league as evident by the fact that they allow only 236 yards per game. But seriously, look at the “challenges” they have encountered this season: St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Seattle. They have not been challenged yet so hold off on proclaiming them as the best in the land.

Hell, this matchup might even be the upset of the week…but don’t quote me on that.

That’s it for me. A shorty but a goody this week. See you for the Football Report!

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