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The New York Knicks: Still a Joke

Hey Knicks fans, enjoying that strong start? Well enjoy it while it lasts. This team is not going to work as constructed. They can’t compete with any team in the top tier of the NBA. They can’t even keep a set rotation, which will not breed the chemistry necessary for the team to gel…and they’ve decided to make a circus of it while they’re at it.

The team as constructed does not fit D’Antoni’s style. That is one problem that is going to keep the Knicks from being comfortable on the court. On nights where the offense doesn’t gel, we’ll see games like the one against the 76ers and the team will be blown out miserably. They have the same defense as last year, that is a very awful one. So if the Knicks can’t run and gun and out play their opponents offensively, the team is going to struggle to win. 
That’s why it’s quite funny to see the team not even be able to decide who is starting nor able to decide whether they want their best player to be used optimally or not. That best player would be David Lee. David Lee is probably the only reason why white Knicks fans have not found James Dolan, tied him to a pole and roasted him above a fire. Mike D’Antoni has decided that everything training camp and preseason games told him was wrong. Now David Lee will come off the bench, but play as many minutes as a starter. That sure makes sense to me. D’Antoni is clearly frustrated with having players who don’t fit his system. This will not end well.

And let us not forget the sagas of Stephon Marbury and Eddy Curry. The circus would not be complete without it’s sideshow acts. Stephon Marbury is being punished for his actions with interns that came to light thanks to Anucha Browne Sanders. Isiah wasn’t going to punish his right hand man, but it’s quite obvious that Dolan wants Marbury to pay for tarring the image of the Knicks (now if only James would look in the mirror). So don’t expect to see Marbury on court in uniform unless half the team gets hurt/suspended/violently ill. And even then, I think I have a better chance of playing for the Knicks this year.

Eddy Curry, meanwhile, is in purgatory because he showed up to camp so overweight from an infection that he popped an exercise ball. Yes, he managed to make Zach Randolph appear like a credible center. Eddy Curry will get some playing time so that the Knicks can try and showcase him for a trade, if some GM is foolish enough to think that a 7-foot pile of lard can be helpful.

So, I think what everyone wants to know by now is whether I think the Knicks will make the playoffs with this group of talent. The truth is, no. They don’t have depth to not wear down the little talent that exists on the roster. I can’t imagine Marbury being around all year and not acting like a rat. I suspect he’ll start trying to bring the ship down with him, given his history and ego. So when the New York Knicks win the lottery next year, remember, I called it here. Otherwise, it’ll be another spring watching from the outside.

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3 comments for “The New York Knicks: Still a Joke”

  1. My thoughts:
    a) Eddy Curry is worse than lard.
    b) The Knicks will win around 35 games this year.

    Posted by Dave | November 10, 2008, 2:42 pm
  2. This is so typical of the Boston media. The Celtics win the Championship, but you have to write an article bashing the Knicks. Last year, the Red Sox won the World Series, but you had to bash the Yankees. The only joke is Boston’s obsession with New York teams.

    Posted by Pat | November 12, 2008, 5:24 pm
  3. Funny, since I’m a New Yorker and I used to be a Knicks fan and I’m a Rangers, Giants and Yankees fan. So I don’t see the Boston media slant there. The Dolans can’t run a winning franchise. A profitable one? Yes. But they still have some work to do on the other part.

    But hey, Pat, why don’t you tell me how you feel on the issue if you feel so strongly.

    Posted by Adam | November 12, 2008, 7:46 pm

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