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Will Antonio McDyess-It-Up in Boston?

I sure hope so.

If Antonio McDyess joins the Celtics this season, he would have a similar impact that P.J. Brown did last season. Brown was not very effective during the regular season as he worked himself into playing shape, but when it came to playoff time, Brown was extremely effective. He hit huge shots to help the C’s win the Cavs series, and used his muscle to out-maneuver his opponents in the later rounds.

Will McDyess end up with the Celtics?

Well, on Monday, the Nuggets released McDyess, shortly after trading for him and Chauncey Billups in the deal that sent Allen Iverson to the Pistons. So, that should help.

Another kicker is that because of the “Gary Payton Rule,” McDyess can’t re-sign with the Pistons for 30 days after his release. In the 2004-05 season, the Celtics traded Gary Payton and Tom Gugliatta to the Hawks for Antoine Walker. The Hawks then released Payton in a salary dump, opening the door for GP to rejoin the C’s just a few days later. The event was so extraordinary, the NBA installed the rule.

So, will McDyess sit around for 30 days? I doubt it. I can’t imagine he’d want to return to the Pistons, because it looks like they may be in for a rough year with Iverson and Rasheed Wallace. They both have abrasive personalities, and Iverson so far just doesn’t fit in the Pistons system. Until he gets comfortable with the system, and his teammates get comfortable with him running the point, they will be be mediocre at best.

How would he fit with the C’s?

As the Lakers showed in the NBA Finals, an NBA team can always use more size and muscle. The Lakers were without Andrew Bynum, who is apparently the team’s only aggressive big man. Pau Gasol, Vladamir Radmanovic, and Lamar Odom all where significantly out-muscled by Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins, P.J. Brown, Leon Powe, and co.

The Celtics are without P.J. Brown due to retirement, so they could use a replacement. Remember, all NBA teams could use an extra big man. McDyess would be a perfect fit with Leon Powe behind Kevin Garnett.

My Final Plea

Who wouldn’t want to join the team? They’re the defending NBA Champions, and they’re currently 7-1. There’s a clear spot for McDyess on the bench, and he would certainly get playing time.

I thoroughly enjoyed last season’s NBA FInals victory, and I would love another one. Danny Ainge, would you please sign Antonio McDyess?!!?

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