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How the Red Sox Handled Manny Ramirez

There never ceases to be drama around Manny Ramirez. The newest revelation is that after Manny refused to play two games, the Boston Red Sox had drafted up and submitted an official letter of intent to suspend Ramirez. We already knew of the displeasure that had been in the organization because Manny refused to play in two games that were perceived to be important and because of swirling rumors that he had refused to swing against Mariano Rivera on July 6.

Meanwhile, Manny Ramirez was unhappy because the organization would not give him a clear indication of their intentions of what they would do with him and his option in the upcoming off-season. It’s very clear that both parties acted like a married couple instead of like business partners.

Manny Ramirez acted like the husband who’s noticed that his wife has suddenly stopped making an effort to look attractive for him. He had some discomfort in his knee and decided his unhappiness would supplement that pain. It’s not exactly the most typical response, but Manny Ramirez is far from a typical human being. Manny wanted to know whether he was playing for a new contract or had security and instead the Red Sox left him in limbo. When you combine that with Scott Boras being his agent, there was no way the situation would end in a pretty manner.

That the Red Sox wanted to suspend him is no surprise, given Manny’s various actions over the years. And given what they put up with, it was about time that they decided to take action on Manny’s trouble-making. That the Red Sox were able to trade him instead of the situation getting worse was a good thing. This situation would not have been pretty had it continued on, with a suspension and Manny’s return to the team after said suspension. So, overall I think the Red Sox handled that portion of the suspension very well.

However, what I disagree with is when the Red Sox chose to leak this revelation to the media. It’s quite clear that the Red Sox have connections at ESPN and can make a story well known whenever they want to. The Red Sox decided to handle this like an ex-wife who hears that her ex-husband is dating someone new and wants everyone to know that her ex-husband might’ve had an STD. That is, the decided that it was more important to make sure Manny Ramirez’s market value was deflated than going about their own daily business. It’s pathetic since the team is obviously still very bitter about how things fell apart. This is the baseball equivalent of the Bush administration outing Valerie Plame and it should not be tolerated.

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  1. Now that the marriage is over There shouldnt be bitter feelings and awful things said all the time about Manny.He left his own legacy and will always be a part of redsox from what he contributed the two rings.The organization should not complain or bring up stories all the time to try and show the world the bad side of Manny.He did a splendid job in LA and am sure if Manny were still a redsox we would be having another ring.So lets zip it especially those collegues that have run their mouths about Manny.Please we have heard enough try and focus on 2009 and bring the best of your bat.Gongraculation to Pedroia he tried so much to carry the team across.We need more of those characters in our team.And to the organization or the management please try and show some love to your out going players because we dont know about the future.To all baseball players leave a good name when it is time to leave.GO SOS 2009!

    Posted by Rosemary Bett | November 25, 2008, 5:55 pm

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