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TGIF: The Results of Football’s First Round

Months and months ago, the SoB football league had its draft. Football is the sport with the least amount of depth at each position so in order to get things off on the right foot, you need to have a solid foundation. That foundation is in Round 1. If your first round pick fails then odds are you fail. Looking back at the draft results from this past summer, we can see which players are earning their keep.

The following are the draft results from the first round of the SoB fantasy football league. Just to warn you, their was a big QB run due to some weird reason that is just beyond me. I think it was largely in part due to the league’s unique system that requires two starting QB. Even in that case, we had some stupid picks.

The First Round Results

  1. Tom Brady
  2. LaDainian Tomlinson
  3. Adrian Peterson
  4. Drew Brees
  5. Brian Westbrook
  6. Steven Jackson
  7. Peyton Manning
  8. Joseph Addai
  9. Randy Moss
  10. Marion Barber
  11. Tony Romo
  12. Carson Palmer

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. We are idiots. Whatever, you’re not perfect either. So mistakes were made and people reached for players WAY before they should have. However, it is not like the players who were taken where they should have been are lighting the world on fire. Time for the analysis.

1. Tom Brady (QB), New England Patriots

We all know the story. Brady was the highest scoring player in fantasy football in 2007 and was a first rounder in 2008. Even at the time, I felt first overall was too early. Well, life’s a bitch. Brady went down during the first game of the season and thus became the biggest waste of a first overall pick since I took Randy Moss first overall in the 2004 draft.

2. LaDainian Tomlinson (RB), San Diego Chargers

LT has been the consensus first pick for years so, this season was no different. Yet 2008 looks like it will be his worst year ever. This season, he looks to just barely eclipse the 1,000 yard mark and it may be the first time he fails to rush for at least 1,200 yards. He also needs to step it up in the next few weeks if he wants to reach double digit TD. If not, then he will fail to do so for the first time in his career.

3. Adrian Peterson (RB), Minnesota Vikings

If I had the first pick, this is who I would have taken. As of this writing, he leads the NFL in rushing yds with 1,311 and has 9 TD. There were questions about his durability before the season started but, it seems like he has put those to rest. Peterson is young and healthy which means he should be the #1 pick in all drafts for years to come. In fantasy, we have had the Priest Holmes era, the LaDainian Tomlinson era, and now we are witnessing the start of the Adrian Peterson era.

4. Drew Brees (QB), New Orleans Saints

Too early for Brees. The person drafting him was informed that a passing TD was worth 6 points. This was proven to be false mere seconds later. Anyway, Brees is currently ranked by Yahoo! as the best player in fantasy with 3,870 yds, 24 TD, and 14 INT. Everyone knew he would have another season of big yards and non-stop throwing. The fact that he is ranked at #1 just makes whoever drafted him very lucky.

5. Brian Westbrook (RB), Philadelphia Eagles

After 2007, owners were desperate to nab Westbrook. As the 5th pick, he has been a letdown. Westbrook has already missed two games due to injury and is averaging only 65.7 yds per game. He so far has recorded just two 100-yd games. In 2007, he had six. So in order to match that total, he needs to have 100-yd games for the rest of the season.

6. Steven Jackson (RB), St. Louis Rams

The sooner people realize that 2006 was a fluke year, the better off we will all be. Jackson, the injury-prone RB, has missed four games this season. He has four TD in eight games played but, three came in one game. He is ranked high every season in hope of a probable repeat of his 2006 season when he had 2,334 total yds and 16 total TD. Reality check: 2006 was his only full season and the only time he reached double digit TD and more than 1,100 yds rushing. He won’t do it again so stop drafting him so damn high!

7. Peyton Manning (QB), Indianapolis Colts

Before Tom Brady’s historic 2007 season, Manning was the only QB worth taking in Round one. Peyton was looking like a bust after the first half of the season. In the first eight games he threw 10 TD and 9 INT. These were very uncharacteristic of Manning. This was attributed to a banged up O-Line that has since gotten better. In his last five games, Manning has 9 TD and 3 INT, a much better indication of his talents.

8. Joseph Addai (RB), Indianapolis Colts

Now here is another definitive bust. Addai’s first two seasons yielded back-to-back 1,000 yds rushing and 19 total rushing TD. Well, thanks to a very injured offensive line, Addai is only averaging 3.6 yds per carry and has just one 100-yd game on the year. Throw in injuries that have made him miss two games and we have lost faith in drafting Addai in in 2009.

9. Randy Moss (WR), New England Patriots

Thanks in large part to the 2007 season, Moss was slated as the only WR to go in the first round. When Tom Brady went down, that extinguished the flames. So far, Moss has accumulated 785 yds and 8 TD. I mean, it isn’t horrible for a WR but, as far as a first rounder goes, this is a bust. Then again, owners who drafted him expecting another 23 TD season from Moss deserve what they got for their foolish thinking.

10. Marion Barber (RB), Dallas Cowboys

Barber has never been a featured back and has never reached 1,000 yds rushing. But we liked him for his ability to find the end zone. Barber had 16 total TD in 2006 and 12 total TD in 2007. When Julius Jones left Dallas, owners were giddy at the prospect of Barber shouldering a full workload. Barber as of now has 870 rush yds and 9 total TD. He has surpassed his total carries from last season but, the effects of a full time gig have taken its toll. Barber has missed time with injuries and his low yds per carry (3.9) proves he may not be able to be a full time back.

11. Tony Romo (QB), Dallas Cowboys

Romo in Round 1 was another poor choice. I am not saying the man is not talented but, this pick didn’t need to be made at that time. Although injured and missing three games, Romo has passed for 2,559 yds, 21 TD, and 8 INT in 9 games played. Romo will be a consistently great fantasy QB for years to come but, the first round was a reach.

12. Carson Palmer (QB), Cincinnati Bengals

OK, now we are getting to the shallow end. The pick of Palmer was out of pure panic. The QB run in the first round left this owner with no other choice apparently. Thanks to an elbow injury, Palmer has not played since Week 5 and won’t play the rest of the season. This has killed the whole Bengals offense. T.J. Houshmandzadeh’s stock had fallen and without the presence of a solid passing game, there is no running game in Cincinnati. With so many other solid RB’s left on the board, picking Palmer might just be the worst pick of the first round.

As we can see, Round 1 sucked for most everyone. Round 2 still had great players such as Clinton Portis, Frank Gore, and Marshawn Lynch available, all of whom have outperformed most of the players taken in the first round.

It all comes down to this: unless you draft Adrian Peterson, then your first round is going to suck. So, pray for pick #1 next season.

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  1. For the record, I traded out of the first round and had the first pick of the Second Round (aka Clinton Portis).

    Posted by KC | December 5, 2008, 6:43 am

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