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Patriots vs. Cardinals – Live Blog

(4:14pm) Game Over- Patriots 47 Cardinals 7

It’s all over in Foxboro as the Pats dominate from the start in a 40 point victory. Time to scoreboard watch.

The Dolphins could’ve put the game away against the Chiefs but Ricky Williams fumbled inside the 10, pending a review the Chiefs will have it with less than two minutes to go.

Out in Seattle, the Jets drove down inside the 20 but had to kick a field goal.

(4:08pm) 4th Quarter – Patriots 47 Cardinals 7

It’s not looking good in KC as Tyler Thigpen throws a pick in his own territory and the Dolphins are driving in for the final kill. Let’s go Seahawks and Jaguars next week.

The pessimist in me is already starting to get angry that the Pats are going to go 11-5 and not make the playoffs..

(3:57pm) 4th Quarter – Patriots 47 Cardinals 7

Yawn. Not too much to talk about in this game anymore, though Larry Fitzgerald just broke the shutout with a long TD. Whoop de doo.

Daryl Johnston keeps pronouncing Coach B’s name as “B-ill-i-check”.

All eyes are on Arrowhead Stadium where the Dolphins are in a battle with the Chiefs. Miami just drove down the field and Pennington threw his third TD of the game to give them a seven point lead with just more than four minutes to go in the game…

(3:34pm) 4th Quarter – Patriots 47 Cardinals 0

Gostkowski tacks on his fourth field goal, giving the Patriots a comfortable 47-point lead. He has been incredible for the Pats this season, setting the team’s all-time record with 34 field goals made in a single season.

It looks like Matt Cassel just played in his last drive of the day, and rookie Kevin O’Connel will take over for the rest of the fourth quarter.

(3:28pm) 3rd Quarter – Patriots 44 Cardinals 0

For the second time in three weeks Brandon Meriweather comes free inside and causes a fumble. Pats have had many opportunities to get some turnovers today and they finally take advantage.

Cassel still under center as the Pats look to hang half a hundred on the Cardinals.

(3:22pm) 3rd Quarter – Patriots 44 Cardinals 0

BREAKING NEWS! WE HAVE A MATT LEINART SIGHTING. Seriously, the best thing this guy has done since leaving USC was getting Punk’d by a cop pretending to bust him for soliciting a prostitute.

(3:19pm) 3rd Quarter – Patriots 44 Cardinals 0

Pats yet again drive inside the redzone and again settle for just three points. The Fox TV crew is quickly moving on to less than interesting topics to talk about like the definition of offensive holding and Curt Menefee’s abdomen. It may be time to flick to a DVR’d episode of The Office.

(3:10pm) 3rd Quarter – Patriots 41 Cardinals 0

Another three and out, that makes seven on the day for the Cards offense. Weather or not, Arizona is playing with no passion whatsoever.

Warner with nine straight incompletions, the longest streak of his career.

(3:04pm) 3rd Quarter – Patriots 41 Cardinals 0

Pats drive all the way down to the Cards 10 yard line but they can’t punch it in and settle for a 35 yard Gostkowski field goal. 41-zip.

(2:51pm) 3rd Quarter – Patriots 38 Cardinals 0

Cards go three and out for the sixth time in the game, there’s no reason for Warner to keep playing in this game (yes, I’m a little biased since I’m playing against him in a fantasy football final but still).

Pats get the ball back, when do we see Kevin O’Connell?

(2:46pm) 3rd Quarter – Patriots 38 Cardinals 0

This is getting ridiculous. First play of the second half a screen to Randy Moss – his first catch of the day – goes for a 76-yard touchdown. 38-0 Pats. This is impressive on so many levels. COME ON KANSAS CITY!

(2:30pm) Halftime – Patriots 31 Cardinals 0

The Cardinals defense is just making it too easy. Cassel engineers an easy drive down the field and the Pats score yet again as Stephen Gostkowski hits a 38-yard field goal to make it 31-0 Pats. Think they’ll be nice and switch the Dolphins game for the second half?

Defensively, the Pats are just teeing off on the Arizona offense right now as Warner is JACKED UP by Mike Wright and the Cards go three and out for the fifth time already today – a season high. Daryl Johnston hinting we may not see Warner in the second half, wouldn’t shock me as I would probably take Cassel out before too long as well.

(2:15pm) 2nd Quarter – Patriots 28 Cardinals 0

Wes Welker has more than 100 catches this year but that’s just his third touchdown of the year, this one coming on third down and seven from outside the 10 yard line. Blowout city.

Wow, talk about the No Fun League. 15 yard penalty for a snow angel? Give me a break.

(2:09pm) 2nd Quarter – Patriots 21 Cardinals 0

Matt Cassel doing it all now, a 16 yard run on fourth and 10 keeps the Patriots drive alive. Man, if the Pats played in the snow every week we’d probably be 13-1 right now. Two minute warning in Foxboro.

(2:02pm) 2nd Quarter – Patriots 21 Cardinals 0

Cardinals have a strong drive going, mixing in run and pass until they get fourth and 1 inside the Patriots 35 and after a timeout decide to go for a pass which goes incomplete. Great job by the Pats defense to keep them off the scoreboard.

(1:50pm) 2nd Quarter – Patriots 21 Cardinals 0

A 37 yard pass to Jabar Gaffney sets up the third Patriots touchdown of the game as Kevin Faulk takes a Matt Cassel pass in from 15 yards out. 21-0 Pats.

No receptions from Welker or Moss thus far and it’s 21-0. It’s early yet but the way things are going it’s going to take a Festivus miracle for the Cards to get back in this game.

(1:40pm) End of 1st Quarter – Patriots 14 Cardinals 0

Patriots lead 14-0 after one but a HUGE play in the game may have just taken place. Hightower fumbles the ball from Warner and Junior Seau has the ball in his hands but it slips out and the Cards recover. Could have been inside the five yard line looking to go up 21-0, instead the Cards keep it. Either way, they have their backs against the wall.

(1:35pm) 1st Quarter – Patriots 14 Cardinals 0

The Pats look really good right now. Seau blows up a second down run and Mike Wright sacks Warner on third down. More good field position for New England.

(1:28pm) 1st Quarter – Patriots 14 Cardinals 0

A 44 yard catch and run in the snow by Sammy Morris proves why the Cardinals are out of their element, the Pats offensive linemen absolutely dominate the blocking for Morris who makes some good cuts for the big run.

A few plays later Jordan plunges in from a few yards out for his second TD of the quarter. Pats look in complete control.

BTW, did you see No. 22 for the Cards dance after forcing an incompletion? Jordan scores on the next play and his team is down 14-0. Good call son.

(1:22pm) 1st Quarter – Patriots 7 Cardinals 0

Patriots stop the Cardinals yet again as a key penalty on third down forces third and 11 and Warner’s pass can’t find Early Doucet. Another good punt return has the Pats starting around the 50.

So far, weather is hurting the Cards as they’ve run the ball a lot and the Pats are dominated field position.

(1:14pm) 1st Quarter – Patriots 7 Cardinals 0

The Patriots defer the coin toss, stop the Cards 3 and out and after a big return by Wes Welker on the punt have just 30+ yards to go. On third and goal from the two Lamont Jordan plunges in for the touchdown. Great start for New England.

Conditions look pretty bad in Foxboro, actually kind of happy I’m not at this game. It says a lot about the weather when the Cards run on their first three plays.

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  1. Things would be a lot easier if the Jets and Dolphins lost today šŸ™‚

    Posted by KC | December 21, 2008, 1:58 pm
  2. I am the BIGGEST Chiefs fan right now.

    Go Seahawks too!

    Posted by KC | December 21, 2008, 3:06 pm

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