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TMZ: Brady and Gisele Engaged to be Married

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is not a free agent in the NFL (he’s under contract with the Patriots), and he’s now no longer a free agent on the dating scene, either.

According to, Brady proposed to Gisele on Christmas Eve, and the millionaire supermodel said yes. Brady reportedly popped the question on a private jet that flew from New Jersey to Boston. There were four dozen white roses and champagne on board the jet.

Tom was apparently nervous about the whole thing, and it’s understandable considering Gisele’s parents were reportedly on the plane when he proposed.

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  1. do you know what sucks.what sucks is that the jets lost there game and now the patriots cant go to the playoffs.that really sucks because i was looking forward to watching them play in the playoffs again.but since they lost now i have to watch other teams play and who doesnt want to see there favorite team to play in the playoff.i would love to see them play in the playoffs again when tom brady comes back if he wants to play again.but i dout that he will because of his injury that he got.
    but its all the jets felt.since they lost we got to wait until september to see them play again.i really hope the tom brady is back when the season starts and i hope hes going to want to play again.but u know anything is possible.
    the games would be up to the starting five.but the bench needs to be a factor to.also if the baltimore reavens would of lost to we colud of made the playoff.but they were to good.
    the thing that sucks is that the dolphins were 1-15 last year.they had the same record as the patriots but they didnt make it to the playoffs.some people we probally crying.but i wasnt because we always have next year

    Posted by justin | December 31, 2008, 12:46 am

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