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BC to Fire Head Football Coach Jeff Jagodzinski

According to an article, Boston College plans to fire Head Football Coach Jeff Jagodzinski Monday after going 20-8 over the past two seasons.  Coach Jags guided the Eagles to consecutive ACC Atlantic Division titles and lost both title games to rival Virginia Tech.  They also won the Champs Sports Bowl over Michigan State last season to finish 11-3. However, this season, the nation’s longest bowl winning streak was snapped with the team’s Music City Bowl loss, albeit starting quarterback Chris Crane was injured and missed the finale, championship, and bowl game.

With all this success, exceeding that of the Tom O’Brien administration, what is BC thinking in making the change?  Apparently, the university is miffed that Jagodzinski is going to interview for the head coaching position with the New York Jets.  Despite being told of his impending fate, the coach has shown no intention of skipping the interview.  When the official word comes down, Offensive Coordinator Steve Logan will be named the new head coach.

Logan and Jagodzinski have worked together in the past, including a stint when Jagodzinski served as Logan’s offensive coordinator at East Carolina University.  Their philosophies are similar, especially on offense, so the team should absorb the change well, aside from the shock. 

Jagodzinski rode Matt Ryan last season, in which BC rose to as high as #2 in the polls, but this season was much more of a test with major pieces, Ryan included, graduating from the program.  Jags impressed many in guiding the team to a 9-3 regular season, including the division title.  BC was only anticipated to place about fifth (of six) in the division and was looking at a lower tier bowl.

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6 comments for “BC to Fire Head Football Coach Jeff Jagodzinski”

  1. coach jags is agreat coach!steve logan is the worst offensive mind in football today. if you follow b.c. football the way i do you haved watched some of the worst use of b.c. offensive talent these past two seasons. all i want for the 2009 season is for steve logan to be fired and now i hear he is going to be the head coach! if this happens b.c. will finish 2009 with a4 and 8 record and a loss to n.dame logan will destroy everthing thats taken 24 years to build.

    Posted by robert booth | January 5, 2009, 4:26 pm
  2. steve logan is the worst offensive coach i/ve ever seen in my 55 years of watching college football! we tailgate at edmonds space 19 coach jags is a great head coach B.c. will be making a bad mistake if they hire steve logan as their new head coach.i`ve had the pleasure of watching all of B.c. games these past two years. the only person the staff i want too see go is steve logan if he is chosen B.c. will finish with a 4 win season!!! what will that do for the progam that`s taken these past 25 years to build up to where we are today!!!

    Posted by robert booth | January 5, 2009, 4:51 pm
  3. BC is a joke. They bolt the Big East under the cover of night and now they get pissed? They can’t lose enough.

    Posted by jerry | January 5, 2009, 5:46 pm
  4. Logan is a fine offensive coach. The problem was a lack of an experienced runner and quarterback (partly the coaching staff’s issue for not developing Crane in 2007). Crane actually was playing decently by the time of his injury and Davis just did not have the tools at the time to be successful.

    Posted by Mike | January 5, 2009, 8:14 pm
  5. Logan is a great offensive coach, if not a bit of a gambler. It’s obvious in the offensive stats of his ECU teams, and the clear fact that Crane got better as the season progressed. Had he not gotten hurt, I think BC would have beaten Va Tech and Vanderbilt. Unfortunately, Crane’s back-up played horribly. Can’t blame all of it on Logan. He kept BC in the game with a QB that couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. He had a great sports talk radio show down here in NC before he went up to BC. He liked to play Jimi Hendrix and classic blues during interludes. He can also jam on the guitar. We’re hoping that he comes back to NC. It will be our gain,and BC’s loss. Go Deacons!

    Posted by Guerrmo | January 30, 2009, 4:15 am
  6. It’s too bad that Logan is leaving the program as well, it would have added some stability had he stayed. However, word was that Spaziani was out if he didn’t get the job, so I guess they couldn’t keep both. I give both Logan and Jags lots of credit with Crane. He was awful when the season started and progressed to where he was actually decent. If he hadn’t got hurt, we would have beaten Vandy for sure and probably VT. Davis just wasn’t good.

    Posted by Mike | January 31, 2009, 11:30 am

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