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McGrady-less Rockets Beat Celtics in Boston

When things are going bad (and they are now that the Celts have lost six of their last eight games), someone named Von Wafer hits a huge shot to beat you.

The Celtics suffered such a fate Wednesday night as the Rockets guard (filling in for an injured Tracy McGrady) hit a go-ahead three-pointer with 44 seconds left, and Yao Ming used all 7’6″ of himself to put in a late basket to carry Houston to a 89-85 win.

Paul Pierce cannot be blamed at all for the Celtics’ recent struggles, as the captain continued his recent strong play. Pierce hit 7-14 shots for a team-high 26 points, five rebounds, and four assists. Kevin Garnett played well too, pitching in 18 points and eight rebounds.

Yao carried the Rockets though, scoring a team-high 26 points. He also pulled down eight rebounds and blocked two shots. Late in the game after Von Wafer’s three-pointer gave the Rockets the lead, Yao played basketball by himself as he kept gathering rebounds from his misses until he put a layup in over the leaping Kendrick Perkins (7’6″ >>>>>>> 6’10″…sorry Perk).

Gabe Pruitt finally saw some more time off the bench, and hit 3-5 shots for seven points. Glen “Big Baby” Davis led the bench with 12 points, while Leon Powe added seven rebounds and a block.

Most of the recent losses for the Celtics have been on the road. This time, the Celtics lost at home, which I think may help the team get out of a slump. Losses on the road can be tough to take, but losing at home is a really tough pill to swallow. Coach Doc Rivers agress.

“In our last timeout, you could see it in our guys’ eyes. Like, ‘Shoot, we’re going to lose this home game,”’ Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “It bothered them. You could see that. And I was thinking, ‘That’s a good thing.”’

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3 comments for “McGrady-less Rockets Beat Celtics in Boston”

  1. Once again, the Celts fall apart in the final quarter. In trying to figure out what’s going on, my mind turns to boxing, of all things. I remember some years back when Roy Jones Jr. was the best in the world, and then one night he gets knocked flat by a journeyman light heavyweight and out of the blue he’s never the same again. Same thing happened to De La Hoya and Holyfield, and countless other boxers: one day you’re the best, and one night you suddenly get old. Happens without warning. The reflexes slow down just a bit, the legs don’t have the staying power any more, and you just can’t get out of the way of the punches.

    Does this remind you of December 25th or something? Think about Garnett in the fourth quarter recently. He’s still intense, he still plays hard on defense, but the shots miss wide or clang off the iron. No matter how much time he rests on the bench, he’s simply not the same at the end. How about Ray Allen? Plays like a madman during the last part of November and nearly all of December, and then one night (December 25 to be exact)it all changes. He suddenly can’t hit a big shot. His ensuing fourth quarters become a series of near misses despite being wide open.

    Eddie House? Starts the season on fire. Can anybody remember the last time he hit a meaningful shot in the fourth quarter? I can’t.

    All these guys are veterans, and I’m wondering if they got old on December 25th, and if it will ever be the same again. Add this to the fact that the league has figured out how to guard Rondo inside, and he’s been unable to develop a jump shot outside, and his Achilles heel becomes obvious as he starts to throw errant passes and bounce the ball off his feet. This isn’t an age problem, but he’ll never be top level without a jump shot, and all the big guys just surround him down low now. He often manages to pass outside to his shooters, but we’ve already mentioned the problems of Allen and House.

    Perkins? Playing the best basketball of his career this year, but embarassed by Yao Ming, starts fouling, and can’t score a point. Totally ineffective since December 25th, as he once again starts setting bad picks and bringing the ball to the floor instead of just going up for the shot. Is anybody talking to this guy?

    So we’ve got a combination of aging veterans and flailing around young guys – and let me add a few remarks about the coaching decisions. Would somebody explain this to me? Fourth quarter last night – Gabe Pruitt the only Celtic to score in nearly 8 minutes, and playing excellent defense, gets benched at crunch time. Big Baby playing his heart out against Yao, scoring some points, grabbing big rebounds, benched at crunch time for a totally helpless Perkins. “No Names” beating us from the outside for the third straight game with no coaching adjustments to prevent those open 3 pointers.

    I don’t know, I just don’t know if I can even watch the Cleveland game.

    Posted by Ken | January 8, 2009, 7:16 am
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