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Danny Ainge Shopping for Guards

Two stories came out Monday showing that Danny Ainge thinks the Celtics need one more scoring guard off the bench. First, Knicks guard Stephon Marbury, the self-proclaimed best point guard in the NBA, revelead that he has a “verbal agreement” with the Celtics.

Second, Reggie Miller (yes, the 43-year-old Reggie Miller)revealed on the Dan Patrick Show that both the Celtics and Cavaliers asked if he was willing to play this season. Why would the Celtics be interested in adding an additional guard?

Well, in case you haven’t noticed, Tony Allen has missed 11 straight games with an ankle injury, so that takes out one bench guard. Eddie House has been used a lot recently (and he’s been hot), but overall the Celtics really lack depth at the guard position.

So, why not look at the maybe-soon-to-be free agent Stephon Marbury? I don’t blame Ainge, as Marbury is still a very talented player. He has some major character issues, but what athlete won’t put off complaining for one season for a chance at their first championship?

But, the Knicks are very reluctant to release Marbury to just anywhere. It would make them sick if they bought out his contract and let him have a chance to win an NBA Title with the Celtics.

“It shouldn’t matter that I go to Boston if you’re the eighth seed and Boston is in the front,” Marbury told the Post. “It can’t be about money. The Knicks got plenty of it. It’s got to be personal. If it’s personal, then how is business being done there?”

As for Reggie Miller, he’s 43 and hasn’t played since the 2004-2005 season, but probably would still be one of the 10 best shooters in the NBA. Either way, it’s getting kind of ridiculous for Miller, who was contacted by the Celtics to join the team last season. I mean, who’s next? Magic Johnson? Michael Jordan? Steve Kerr???

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