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Fantasy Basketball Review: Week 14 (1-26 – 2-1)

I hope saying the following will not diminish my fantasy status but, is there WNBA fantasy? If there is, I have never heard of or seen it. If it exists, then I wouldn’t play it. I’d rather participate in fantasy NASCAR. Do enough people really have enough in depth knowledge of the WNBA in order to seriously compete in such a fantasy sport? I just know I would be mad as hell if my top pick missed the whole season due to a nine month pregnancy or something. That would piss me off more than losing Brady on the first day of the season. If it doesn’t exist then good. If it does, then get rid of it.

Injury Roundup

Gerald Wallace (SF,PF), Charlotte Bobcats: Wallace was gliding up to the basket when Lakers Center Andrew Bynum elbowed him in the chest and sent Wallace to the floor. Wallace laid in pain and gasping for air. He suffered a broken rib and a collapsed lung. He is not expected back any time soon.

Andrew Bynum (C), L.A. Lakers: Bynum and teammate Kobe Bryant came together at full force with Bynum getting the raw end of the deal. The Lakers Center took a blow to his knee and word is that he has a torn MCL. He is expected to be out 8-12 weeks. Karma sucks doesn’t it Bynum? Gerald Wallace is smiling somewhere.

Tracy McGrady (SG,SF), Houston Rockets: McGrady is injured once more, this time with a sprained ankle caused by Yao Ming who inadvertently stepped on it. T-Mac missed his last game on 1/21 and is considered day-to-day.

Three Shining Stars

Deron Williams (PG), Utah Jazz: Hot damn, Williams put on a clinic last week. This is the kind of thing you want out of your PG. Williams scored 26.0 points and dished out 10.0 assists. His 2.7 steals and 2.0 three’s were great and he did it all on 63.0% shooting.

Al Jefferson (PF,C), Minnesota Timberwolves: Big Al showed what Boston gave away when he averaged 28.8 points on 53.8% shooting. The big man also came up with 10.0 reb and 2.8 blocks as part of his four game effort. Also impressive and worth noting was his ability to keep his turnovers down (1.5).

Dwight Howard (C), Orlando Magic: Normally looked down upon my many fantasy owners, Howard impressed with his typical double-double efforts. This time it was 24.3 points and 14.0 reb. His 2.0 steals 1.7 blocks added value as did his 56.3 FG%. Howard even managed a serviceable FT% with 70.4%, which is light years above his season average of 58.9%.

Three Fading Stars

Marcus Camby (PF,C), L.A. Clippers: Camby has been nursing a sore ankle and has been eased back into playing time. His limited playing and delicate handling has yielded poor numbers as of late with a 39.5 FG%, 3.3 reb, and 0.3 blocks. He did start Saturday, so he will soon be back to form.

Elton Brand (PF,C), Philadelphia 76ers: Brand has returned to action since January 24th after missing a month with a shoulder injury. He too has been eased back into games and as a result, has seen a decrease in numbers. Last week he posted 7.0 points, 5.5 reb, and a 42.9 FG%. Hopefully his injury woes are over, but don’t hold your breath.

Jason Richardson (SG,SF), Phoenix Suns: Last season’s king of three point land couldn’t retain royalty with his 0.7 three’s. As a result of that and his poor shooting of 33.3%, he could only manage 9.3 points per game. His ppg average has dropped 4.2 points since being traded to the Suns.

Players To Pick Up

Mickael Pietrus (SG,SF), Orlando Magic: Not even 50% owned in Yahoo! leagues, Pietrus merits a pickup due to his great week with 17.7 point and 6.0 reb on 52.9% shooting and a very good 86.7% on his FT. Pietrus threw in a healthy dose of three’s (1.3) to further boost his value.

Linas Klezia (SG,SF), Denver Nuggets: Klezia has gone under the radar with his 14.0 points in three games last week. Coming off the bench on Friday, Klezia scored 21 points and sunk three from behind the arc which helped him average 2.0 three’s for the week.

Steve Novak (SF,PF), L.A. Clippers: Novak’s increased playing time has given his very few owners (7% in Yahoo!) immediate rewards. It is mostly due to his 14.8 points that are boosted by his ability to make three’s. Novak has sunk 15 three’s in his last four games including shooting 50.0% (10-20) from downtown in his last two contests.

Sports of Boston Friends and Family League

  • The collapse continues as I fall to 9th place after losing to SoB’s Mike 7-2.
  • Speaking of Mike, he holds on to the top spot in the league after his staggering victory.
  • Still no trades.
  • Recent pickups include: Ronny Turiaf, Sasha Pavlovic, Jason Thompson, Derek Fisher, and Michael Beasley.

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