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Celtics Lose Another at Home

The Celtics took another tough loss at home against the San Antonio Spurs. It was a close game all the way and saw the lead go back and forth many times. However, the Celtics let this one get away when Ray Allen lost an inbound pass to Manu Ginobli in the final seconds of the fourth quarter. It was a point where the Celtics could still get back into the game, but it was lost and so was the game. The Spurs went onto win 105-99.

Kevin Garnett was the star of this one with another double-double, putting up 26 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen had good games as well by scoring 19 and 18 points respectively and Kendrick Perkins had 10. Rajon Rondo may not have done much scoring today, but he fed the ball well and finished the day with 16 assists. The Celtics’ bench didn’t bring much to the game and let the Spurs back into it in the fourth. Only Tony Allen had a good day off the bench with 11 points.

The Spurs had good days from Tim Duncan and, surprisingly, Matt Bonner, who made a critical shot from the foul-line in the 4th quarter. Both players finished with 23 points. Duncan added 13 rebounds. Roger Mason added a huge three-point shot in the 4th quarter to give the Spurs the lead. He finished with 11 points. Maun Ginobili, the league’s best sixth man, had 19 points off the bench. The Spurs ran away with the game to close the first half, but had a sloppy start in the third and were lucky that the Celtics let them get away with the win in the fourth.

This is a slight cause for concern for the Celtics, but still nothing major. The bench woes seem to be getting constant where only one player off the bench is really being effective in games. Something may need to be done whether its getting Sam Cassell to start playing again or looking for a trade before the deadline much like they did last year with P.J. Brown. The Celtics head out on the road next and then look forward to the much-needed break this coming weekend with the All-Star Game in Phoenix. Next up for the Celts is a challenging trip to New Orleans to take on the Hornets Wednesday night.

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3 comments for “Celtics Lose Another at Home”

  1. Celtics Lose Another at Home: The Celtics took another tough loss at home against the San Antonio Spurs. It was ..

    Posted by Sports of Boston | February 8, 2009, 7:38 pm
  2. I think I have to disagree with Geoff concerning the state of the Boston bench. I think it IS a major concern, especially after seeing the benches of LA, San Antonio, and Cleveland this past weekend. I think all three of those teams have a lot more coming off the bench than we do this year. I hope the Celts are looking for some help here – an impact player you can count on to give the team a lift. The Celtic bench is just too inconsistent, and though they play well in spurts, they have no staying power in the long run.

    I hate to say it, but the Lakers have taken over the mantle of the best team in the NBA. Their current road trip was nothing less than remarkable. Beating the Celts and the Cavs on their own home courts…well, give credit where it’s due. I still think the Celts can beat them, but not if the bench remains as it is.

    Posted by Ken | February 9, 2009, 3:29 pm
  3. I gotta give the Lakers credit. Despite losing Bynum, they took care of the Celtics and Cavs on the road and may have established themselves as the best in the NBA.

    The Celtics need to add someone like Joe Smith to replace PJ Brown. I think he’d help out bigtime.

    Posted by KC | February 9, 2009, 3:49 pm

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