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Terrell Owens Signs with Bills

I honestly thought that Terrell Owens would have trouble finding employment, but usually those players somehow find their way into the AFC East. The highly talented, high-profile, and high-maintenance Owens signed a one-year, $6.5 million deal on Saturday with the Buffalo Bills.

“I’m leaving America’s team [for] North America’s team,” Owens said at a news conference. “I must move on, and it’s another beginning for me,” Owens said. “If I can be that extra added piece to get them to the playoffs, then that’s what I’m here for. I looked at the defensive side of ball and offensive side of the ball, and these guys have all the pieces.”

Reaction: Owens joins Lee Evans to create a potentially explosive duo in the Bills offense. Now, with Owens in his ear, perhaps Trent Edwards can take his game to the next level. Tony Romo, Donovan McNabb, and Jeff Garcia all elevated their games with T.O., but eventually could not co-exist with the enigmatic receiver.

Also, how much have T.O.’s skills declined? He’s now 35 and a sure hall-of-famer, but one has to question if a 35-year-old wide receiver can still keep up with, and beat, the opposing secondary. Either way, it should be very fun to watch T.O.’s antics twice a year.

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  1. […] presence of Terrell Owens. After being released by the Dallas Cowboys earlier in the year, T.O. was quickly grabbed by the Bills several days later. Since then, he has been visible in every other way. He was part of ABC’s […]

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