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BU Fires Men’s Basketball Coach Dennis Wolff

According to’s Jeff Goodman, Boston University reportedly has fired men’s basketball coach Dennis Wolff.

Wolff just completed his 15th season in which his team finished 17-13 (11-5 in the America East). The Terriers (No. 3) were eliminated from the conference tournament in the quarterfinals on Saturday, losing to the UMBC (No. 6). Wolff finishes his career at BU with a 247-197 record.

Reaction: As a BU alum, it’s about time. Wolff has been a fixture at the university for quite a while, but the team has grown accustomed to losing early in the Conference tournament, regardless of their seeding. Now, armed with weapons like Corey Lowe and Carlos Strong, the Terriers were supposed to make an impact in the tourney. Instead, they lost to UMBC again…

The real question now is…who will be the next coach for the Terriers?

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4 comments for “BU Fires Men’s Basketball Coach Dennis Wolff”

  1. Providence assistant Pat Skerry will be a front runner for this job. He is the best recruiter in the Northeast and one of the best in the country.

    Posted by rumorstarter | March 12, 2009, 2:55 pm
  2. He should have been gone years ago. My guess is they kept him on because his son was on the team. As far as I can see the player was a nonscorer who majored in questionable plays. I would like to see BU bring in a coach who believes in competition and CLEAN play. It has been many years since BU could be proud of their men’s bball team.

    Posted by N. Belisle | March 12, 2009, 5:45 pm
  3. Absolutely overdue. Wolff did a really good job early in his tenure, but there is simply no excuse for choking in a league as bad as the America East year after year. I hope this is the start of some real investment in the basketball, starting with moving to a more appropriate conference. I read a quote in the NY Times from the head of America East saying they want to be like the Patriot League. Well, that would require more than two decent academic schools (BU and Binghamton). BU has the facilities, size and location to be a solid mid-major program. Now they need the conference, coach and commitment.

    Posted by BU '98 | March 14, 2009, 7:50 pm
  4. I agree wholeheartidely with Belisle and Bu ’98. I was at BU from 2003-2007 and we should have won the conference at least two or three of those years, despite being in the Taylor Coppenwrath era. Heck, we even beat Michigan a couple times on the road and nearly beat them at Agganis.

    Over my four years we had player after player either transfer, leave the school or simply get cut from the team for a variety of reasons (Etienne Brower – Umass, Tony Gaffney – Umass, Brian Geffen – Quinnipiac, Ben Coblyn – Umass and Corey Hassan – Sacred Heart) but what it comes down to is Wolff recruiting players who weren’t ready for big time basketball.

    You look at the talent this team has and wonder why the inconsistencies are there. A lot of the reason BU has struggled in recent years is the lack of a deep front court and a true point guard (none really since Chaz Carr). Especially with Agganis Arena one would think recruiting some quality players shouldn’t be much of an issue and when he does get a prime prospect (Corey Lowe) it just doesn’t seem Wolff knew how to bring the best out of him.

    There is no question Wolff is a defensive whiz but the frustrating nature of his offensive schemes just boggled my mind at some times.

    I see this as a great chance to breath new life into the program and I would bet big money on BU making the NCAA tournament next season.

    Posted by Jeff | March 16, 2009, 12:34 pm

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