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Celtics Never Give up in Loss to Heat

The Celtics and Heat played a close game in the first half with many lead changes, but a strong third quarter for Miami led to a big lead to start the fourth. However, the Celtics fought back throughout the final quarter and managed to get within one point, but still came up short against Miami in a 107-99 loss.

Paul Pierce had a chance to get the C’s within three with just under a minute left after getting fouled from beyond the three point line, but he only managed to make one of his three foul shots. Dwayne Wade sealed the game with a three-pointer with 34 seconds remaining.

The Celtics had several players in double figures with especially strong performances from Leon Powe, who started in place of Glen Davis, and Ray Allen. Powe had a double-double with 23 points (a new season-high) and 13 rebounds, while Allen had 27 points.

Paul Pierce added 16, Kendrick Perkins had 13, and Eddie House had 12 off the bench with some key three pointers that got the C’s back into the game. Bill Walker saw some decent minutes tonight and was impressive against his former college teammate Michael Beasley by putting up eight points.

Dwayne Wade could not be touched for the Heat and is very deserving of the MVP award this season, in my opinion. He finished the night with 32 points. Jamario Moon had 13 points, Jermaine O’Neal had 12, and Udonis Haslem, Mario Chalmers, and Daquan Cook all added 10 points each. The Miami bench was a key factor in the win as they were able to outplay the depleted Celtics bench.

The injuries are really taking their toll on the Celtics and they are desperately hoping that someone will be back for Friday night’s game against Memphis. Allen, Pierce, and Powe all played over 40 minutes each and were clearly fatigued by the end of the game.

On a side note, I really did not like the Miami PA announcer at all. His shouting after anything good for the Heat extended way too far into the Celtics’ possession of the ball. This seems to be a common occurence with announcers lately and I’ve noticed it with Miami, Cleveland, Atlanta, and several other cities. Perhaps there should be some sort of penalty issued to the home team for their announcers going on for too long, or maybe not.

The Celtics head back home Friday night for a match-up with the Grizzlies.

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3 comments for “Celtics Never Give up in Loss to Heat”

  1. It was a valiant effort by the depleted Celtics, but I fear it’s an indication of things to come in the next few weeks. One thing’s for sure – forget about any home court advantage in the playoffs. What’s more, even if the regular starters get back together again, it’s hard to imagine they’ll be in sync in time to pose a real threat to the likes of Cleveland or Orlando or even Atlanta and Detroit.

    I was very disturbed at the sheer idiocy of Perkins and Moore at the start of the Miami game. With a grand total of three bigs in uniform, the two of them went on an immediate fouling spree. Yes, I know they were pitty pat fouls, but that’s standard operating practice for the officials when the Celts are playing, and the big guys ought to get it by now.

    Also disturbing, is the lack of progress for Marbury. His shooting skills seem to have disappeared. I think a college guy would look better shooting the ball than Marbury. I know – he’s rusty, hasn’t got his legs yet, etc., etc. But this is a former all star who is not exactly an old man. How can he be so godawful in the shooting department?

    And while I’m at it, will somebody wake up Gabe Pruitt? This is the moment every second stringer waits for – injuries to others give him a chance to play. It’s his moment to shine, to make some sort of mark. Instead, he’s sleep walking out there, scared to death to take a shot, and his facial and body language says just one thing – “I’m a scared rabbit loser.” Get with it buddy, and at least go down fighting.

    Kudos to Powe for some terrific efforts, and Allen and Pierce are doing a great job despite obvious exhaustion at the end of games.

    By the way, nobody is putting a time table on Garnett’s coming back. Is he out for the season?

    Posted by Ken | March 12, 2009, 6:33 am
  2. Celtics Never Give up in Loss to Heat: The Celtics and Heat played a close game in the first half with many lead..

    Posted by Sports of Boston | March 12, 2009, 6:41 am
  3. It looks like KG will be back at the end of next week now. I’m glad they’re holding him back, but it looks like we’re going to be the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference.

    Marbury’s play has been disappointing, but to me it looks like he’s trying. I’d love for him to get increased playing time down the stretch to get him ready for the playoffs.

    I hope with KG back that the Celts can get back in sync in time, though I’d love for Doc to give some of the guys like Pierce and Allen some much needed rest.

    It will definitely be interesting…

    Posted by KC | March 12, 2009, 5:01 pm

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