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Yankees 2009 Tickets: Purchase Process Unfair

When the news first broke of fans getting the royal middle finger from the Yankees organization with regards to season ticket plans at the new stadium, I figured they couldn’t generate any more bad press with the single-game ticket sales plans.

I mean, consider some of the recent bad news surrounding the new Yankee Stadium:

  • Obstructed bleacher seats (thanks to the new center field restaurant)
  • The possibility of a section having obstructed view thanks to a support beam (though they claim those seats will be removed)
  • People being offered relocated seats in sections that are much more expensive than what they’re willing to pay

All of this would surely be enough bad stadium news for one off-season. Well, apparently the Yankees decided that it’s better to have bad press than no press at all. What I’m referring to is the new lottery system to purchase single-game tickets.

The Yankees recently announced that for single game tickets, fans must register for a lottery. When did they announce this? On March 13th. When does that period end? March 17th at 10 p.m. Wow, that sure is a lot of time for the massive amounts of fans to register. Then, if you win the lottery, there is a 12-hour exclusive period for lottery winners to buy single-game tickets online only.

But, get this little twist: full and partial season ticket holders can purchase single game tickets before the lottery winners. Then finally, on March 24th, if there are any remaining tickets, the general public can purchase tickets online, or at Ticketmaster locations.

This is a sad process to use as this basically favors ticket brokers who already are purchasing some of those season ticket plans to turn a profit. Hey, why not encourage StubHub sellers to be the purchasers, when the team gets a cut of the money, thanks to MLB’s deal with the ticket reseller.

I wouldn’t be surprised if very few people who don’t resell on StubHub win the lottery. No one would investigate the Yankees for a potential conspiracy, after all. And as long as the Yankees can continue to profit nicely off of it, they’ll keep going along with such policies.

But, the fans who have followed the team for a long time lose out the most in this one as the games become less and less affordable and less easy to purchase tickets to. My suggestion on how to fight this? It’s time for a third New York team. Hey, there’s still a fully standing stadium across 161st Street, why not use it?

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