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Pitino Busts My NCAA Bracket Again

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Ahh, the peaks and valleys of the NCAA Tournament. By Saturday, I lost my first Elite Eight team, and subsequently my first Final Four team in Memphis. I had the seven other Elite Eight teams so I was still in great shape to win some much-need money bragging rights. At least, I thought I was in great shape…

Every single year, the University of Louisville, coached by the beloved Rick Pitino, seems to be in the NCAA Tournament. My strong “dislike” for Rick usually hurts me, as I usually have Louisville losing in the Sweet 16 or earlier. This year, as the No. 1 overall seed and in a bracket with a “weak” No. 2 in Michigan St., I figured Louisville had an easy ticket to the Final Four. I finally put my faith in Rick Pitino. What did he do? He screwed me once again, just like he screwed the Celtics.

I won’t get into exactly what it is about Pitino that boils my blood. There’s just too many things he did wrong here in his years in Boston. Signing Travis Knight and Andrew DeClerq? Yuck. Trading Chauncey Billups? Don’t get me started.

When I chose Louisville to goto the final game, and eventually lose to North Carolina, I felt pretty confident about my bracket. Though I will admit, somewhere in the back of my head, I knew this was the one year Louisville doesn’t go as far as I have them going. It’s Rick screwing with my head, I swear. I wanted to change my bracket, but I couldn’t have Michigan St. beating Louisville, could I?

Michigan St. 64, Louisville 52.


Saturday evening, I enjoyed probably the most exhilirating college basketball game I’ve ever seen in Villanova vs. Pittsburgh. In my bracket, Villanova was my upset special to make the Final Four, so if Nova won I’d be in great shape. As you know, they won on a last second layup after nearly blowing the game. I can’t remember the last time I jumped up and screamed for a team not from Boston. That’s what happens when money is bragging rights are on the line.

That brought me to Sunday’s travesty. Any advice on what I should do for next year? Should I have Louisville losing in the first round? Should I have them win it all? I’m totally lost. Screw you Rick.

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  1. I <3 Pitino.

    Posted by Jeff | April 1, 2009, 11:59 am

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