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Jay Cutler Traded to Bears

The whiner has left the building. New Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels took a play out of his old coach’s book and dispersed of unneeded and unwanted goods as the crybaby Jay Cutler was traded to the Bears Thursday. The Bears will pay a hefty price for the physically gifted but mentally unstable Cutler, surrendering a 2009 first round pick, a 2009 3rd round pick, a 2010 first round pick…oh, and Kyle Orton (funny how Orton is last in the list in all the news reports).

Of course Cutler first said he wanted out of Denver after McDaniels tried to land Matt Cassel. Then he said he never wanted out. Then the Broncos had a meeting with him and Cutler said he felt betrayed. Then the Broncos said Cutler wouldn’t return their calls. Then Cutler said he was never directly contacted by the owner. Then the Broncos said screw you, we’re trading you. Now Cutler is a Bear. Everybody wins.

My Take: As you can probably tell, I’m not the biggest Cutler fan in the world. He’s known for having a rocket arm but thin skin and this whole situation proves it. Should he be slightly miffed that his team tried to trade him? Sure. But more mature quarterbacks know when to keep their mouth shut for the good of the team. He may have all the physical skills needed to be a No. 1 QB, but his record is nothing to write home about and his off the field behavior makes him dispensable. The Bears paid a hefty price but I see both teams as winners in this deal.

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2 comments for “Jay Cutler Traded to Bears”

  1. Jeff,
    How would you value the compensation the Pats received for the Cassel/Vrabel trade knowing now what Cutler’s apparent value was on the open market? Do you think Belichick jumped the gun on making the trade with the Chiefs? While I don’t believe at this point in his career Cassel is as good as Cutler, I do feel we could have gotten better value… your take?

    Posted by Parks | April 3, 2009, 8:44 pm
  2. Parks,
    I think it’s very tough to look in hindsight and think of what the Pats could have received for Cassel, mostly because it was a much different situation. Cassel was more of a financial move whereas Cutler was a personnel move. I think the Broncos made out very well in the deal, but they also give up a quarterback with a proven track record of skills. Cassel has some doubts as he’s only been a starter for one year, including college. I don’t think Belichick jumped the gun on the trade, it had to get done and it didn’t seem as though there was much of a market out there for Cassel. It was not an option to have both Brady and Cassel’s salaries on the books for 2009. Value is something that is tough to gauge, there was no possible way the Pats could have seen the Cutler trade coming, nor that the Bears would offer such a loaded package of picks.

    I think Pats fans just have to realize that the Pats got good value for Cassel given his experience (and salary which is a large part of this equation as not many teams could swallow the $14 million price tag) and made the right valuation the market at that time.

    Posted by Jeff | April 5, 2009, 10:55 am

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