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Female Sox “Fans” Need to Know Their Place

Uh-oh! Hot button topic on the horizon! Let the record show that I am not aiming this rant at every female Red Sox fan. The demographic that I am taking a no holds barred, blatant shot at are the females who root for the Red Sox, but are not full-blooded fans. Yes, you may have an interest in our boys because they are the hometown team, but that certainly does not mean you are an actual fan.

I realize that Boston is one of the biggest, if not the biggest sports city in the country and female fans feel the need to hop on the bandwagon and root root for the home team. It is one thing to have a casual interest in the Red Sox, but then you have the ones who will claim to be devoted, life-long fans who have been backing their team for years and years. This is what angers the hell out of me.

The “pink hats” and uneducated female “fans” need to be stopped. Most women who cheer for the Sox only do so for the following reasons:

1. They are the hometown team
2. Their boyfriend or significant other likes them
3. Guys like sports, so they want to attract men

Am I saying that women can’t be Red Sox or even sports fans? No, absolutely not. I know plenty of women who not only cheer during every game, but can even outshine most guys in Sox knowledge. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that the majority of the female population in “Red Sox Nation” can’t hold a conversation about the team, its players, or its history. When Jim Rice was recently elected to the Hall of Fame, most women couldn’t even tell you who the hell Jim Rice was or even what position he played. These are the same women who will wear Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia Red Sox t-shirts to games or other places, but will not be able to tell you any statistical information regarding said players (they probably can’t tell you that Pedroia won the AL MVP last season). I’m glad that girls think these guys are cute and look good in tight pants, but sorry sweety, that crap gets you zero credibility when you wear the shirt (which I guarantee you is most likely pink in color).

Pink? PINK?!? Speaking of that stupid color, that “pink hat” label is a dead on statement of truth. Any girl who wears a pink hat or jersey needs to get the hell out. We have all heard the theory that women wear this apparel because it is cute and this is true. Yet, the “pink hats” will argue that they still are huge fans and don’t care what people think. OK, here’s one for you. If you were a real fan, then you would know that wearing that s**t pisses people off and would have the common sense to not wear it to Fenway. All the ridicule and booing you receive is well deserved. Of course you don’t notice people screaming at you to leave because you are too busy texting your best friend (about how bored you are) during the bottom of the 9th with the bases loaded and that hottie Ellsbury at the plate.

Another aspect of this argument is that even if a girl claims to be a Sox fan, the girl in question will not be a baseball fan. If you are lucky enough to go to Fenway Park to see a game, then you should have knowledge of the game and the opponents we are up against. Odds are these women can’t describe a “balk” or even name one player on the Baltimore Orioles. Do I expect them to be walking baseball almanacs or the 2nd coming of Bill James? No, but I would like them to know what inning the “7th inning stretch” takes place in.

On a personal note, I have tickets for a game in June when the Florida Marlins come to Fenway for Interleague play (you see, that is when the National League teams play against American League teams……the Red Sox are in the American league). I am there specifically to see Hanley Ramirez make his return to Boston. What’s that ladies? You don’t know who Hanley Ramirez is? You know that great looking Josh Beckett guy and wicked pissa Mike Lowell dude? Well we traded Hanley (and Anibal Sanchez), our best prospect in years, in order to get those two. I will be there going nuts (as should the rest of Boston) when Hanley comes to bat. When this happens, I will look over and see a girl in a pink Sox hat talking on her cell phone.

Think I am just talking out of my ass? In an article in the Boston Globe, the data shows that after the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004, women started giving a damn about the team.

The number of female fans cheering for the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots has skyrocketed in the past five years, survey data show, as both teams won world championships and rolled out more apparel aimed at women.

Wow, what a coincidence. Lets see, 86 years go by and most women don’t care. Fast forward to 2004 and BAM!, we have life long fans since September snatching up Red Sox merchandise in the blink of an eye.

In Boston, 77 percent of women describe themselves as Red Sox fans, up from 45 percent in 2001, according to data from the demographics research firm Scarborough Sports Marketing .

It is hard to call me a sexist bastard when I have hard evidence to back it up. The bandwagon is quickly becoming a very crowded area, but there always seems to be room for one more.

My goal was not to piss off all women. Women can be Red Sox fans. As you have read though, a lot of them can’t be. It sucks that a large number of these fans can’t name at least one number retired by the Red Sox or name one Sox player who has won the MVP award. It is unfortunate that actual female fans are grouped together with these posers. It is fine by me if you are not a die hard or rabid fan. If you want to be a casual fan then that is fine with me. Just don’t claim to be otherwise.

The sad truth is that these fake fans are a plague among Red Sox Nation and need to be stopped. Of course we don’t have the means or the technology to do such a thing, but one day we will and whoever does it will have a statue erected in his honor on Yawkey Way.

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17 comments for “Female Sox “Fans” Need to Know Their Place”

  1. I know you tried to avoid labeling all women Sox fans as pink hats…but I have a beef with a different group.

    Many female Sox fans from this area are legit Sox fans and know current and former players. Most of the “pink hats” however envelop female and MALE college students who move to this city for school. During those riots in 2003 and 2004, I’d be willing to estimate that 75% of the people were not from the Boston area. It angers me when they claim to be Sox fans, but what can I do?

    The Sox sell out every game and make a TON of money on merchandise because the most money is spent by the “pink hats.” Yes, that includes boyfriends buying their girlfriends Red Sox attire. Without pink-hats…the Red Sox would not sell out every game and the payroll would probably not be as high.

    So while I share the same frustration (but with guys AND girls), I think pink hats are needed for the total package.

    Posted by KC | April 14, 2009, 6:25 am
  2. Female Sox “Fans” Need to Know Their Place: Uh-oh! Hot button topic on the horizon! Let the record show that I a..

    Posted by Sports of Boston | April 14, 2009, 5:38 am
  3. Step out of the financial district and step into the shoes of a fan.

    Can you honestly tell me you don’t get a little angry (or at the very least annoyed) when you are at a game and you see a girl in a pink jersey chatting away on her phone or asking a million questions to her boyfriend?

    Seriously, Sox tickets are expensive if you go through places like Ace Ticket, Ebay, or anywhere else. These people (male or female as KC would say) should step aside and let me but a bleacher seat for $26.

    If they can’t name who wore #9 then they don’t belong here.

    Posted by Pete | April 14, 2009, 10:14 am
  4. SoB’s Pete says female Sox fans need to know their place:

    Posted by Sports of Boston | April 14, 2009, 9:37 am
  5. I personally think you care a bit too much about other fans. So what if there are fans who don’t know the history or the stats of the players. People go to the game not only to watch the game but also to enjoy the atmosphere.

    Besides, if it wasn’t for these fake fans, the Red Sox probably coudln’t keep up with the Yankees in terms of salaries.

    Posted by Dave | April 14, 2009, 9:56 pm
  6. 1. Red sox probably did some market research to see if pink hats would sell, only then would they have brought them out. This means, there are people out there who like the color pink and would love to own pink Red Sox paraphernalia. They may be fans, casual or hardcore, why are you judging people on their fashion taste? Also wouldn’t you want to blame the red sox management for bring out pink hats in the first place?

    2. Maybe they are just fans of baseball, and are here for the fenway experience, and the team they support is not playing, so they root for the home team as a courtesy to the home fans. I mean, if they rooted against the sox wouldn’t that piss a sox fan off? Think watching a yankee game in baker’s room and rooting against the yankees. yikes!

    3. okay so there maybe people who root for the sox and don’t know much about their history, entire roster etc.
    a) why women? there are men like that also.
    b) Hanley will be batting, there maybe a girl on a cell phone, but what about those people sit at corporate suite and discuss business in the background of the game?

    4. Why does it matter that women claim to be sox fans to attract men’s attention? men have stooped to even greater levels of lying etc to attact a women’s attention.

    I am not saying that you are wrong in pointing out that there are women out there who claim to be fans, I am saying SO WHAT!

    Posted by Lokesh | April 15, 2009, 2:20 am
  7. It’s absolutely ludicrous that you are getting this worked up, and I’m sorry, but your argument is very sexist. I’m an anomaly in my family in that I’m the only one that watches, follows, and really enjoys sports. I would say I’m an avid fan of baseball and football but I pay attention to soccer and hockey. Anyways, when I’m with my family and I have a game on, regardless if I’ve explained something to them before or not, they ask me questions. “What’s a splitter mean?”, “Who’s pitching”, hell, even “How many pitches is a walk?” The point is that they don’t care about the game really, they don’t really want to learn, they’re just trying to connect with me (their son, sibling, friend) in another manner. I imagine these pink-hatted gals are doing the same with their boyfriends. Trying to learn more about them, what makes them tick, and join them in something they enjoy.

    Another point is that you weren’t born with all the knowledge of baseball and history. You had to have been just a casual fan or at least a fan that did not know all that you do know now. I imagine that some of these pink-wearing fans will go on to pick a favorite player, track his stats, and understand more about the game. The majority, however most likely not, but why does it matter to you? They’re purchasing merchandise that supports your team financially. If a girl using her phone bothers you, ask her to use it elsewhere instead of whining about it on your blog. Although, I imagine that you wouldn’t because it’s unreasonable to do so and it’s in a casual enough environment where if a person on a cell phone doesn’t bother most in exception to you.

    In short, elitist pseudo-sport “Columnists” Need to know their place and quit moaning. Grow up, everyone enjoys sports for different reasons and stop judging and getting pissed off at everyone else who doesn’t do it your way.

    Posted by Joe | April 15, 2009, 4:04 pm
  8. Well, I wouldn’t call my argument completely sexist since I clearly state that I am not on a tirade against all women. I chose to express my opinion about a very specific group.

    I’d also like to point out that if I had written about male fans who fall into this category then there would not be such an uproar. But no, as soon as somebody writes negatively about women, he gets jumped on. Isn’t that sexist in its own right?

    Over and over again everyone is commenting on how the Red Sox organization needs these women in order to generate revenue and make money since women are now a key demographic. What do you want me to say to that? “Who cares? The Red Sox don’t need women. They can make money another way, blah blah blah, etc etc etc”. I won’t argue that the Sox cash in big time with female fans and I give the organization credit for making money off of women who don’t have a clue about what they are cheering for.

    Again, I am attacking women who cheer for the team and claim to be huge fans since the dawn of time but who clearly are not dedicated to this franchise. I am NOT attacking women who actually are die hard fans. Frankly, these women have to go through the bulls**t of being categorized with the “pink hats” and endure superficial judgments just because they are women. To me, that is not fair.

    The women I attack don’t go to games to connect with their significant others, but rather to jump on the bandwagon.

    Given the Sox current rocky start to the season (even though Wakefield just pitched a gem), I guarantee, GUARANTEE you that if the Sox missed the playoffs/finished dead last in the AL East, then these women would not be cheering so loudly. Hell, you think the Kansas City Royals or Washington Nationals have such a rabid female fan base? I highly doubt it. In short, if the Sox sucked, then this group of female fans would not give the time of day to our boys.

    Posted by Pete | April 15, 2009, 6:07 pm
  9. How can you say your article isn’t sexist when it specifically targets women, granted, a specific kind of woman, but female specific nonetheless. And I’d really be careful of how you choose your words, “The women I attack…” isn’t quite the best thing to say…ever.

    ANYWAYS, if it is the bandwagon fans you are upset about, then complain about that and then include the pink-hatted fans as a subcategory rather than the target of your “attack.” You’re right, I wouldn’t be as upset with your perspective, but you are targeting a women-specific demographic, thus making it sexist.

    Also, how do you pretend to know why all of them are cheering? It’s true that their presence is likely the product of the Red Sox success, BUT SO AREN’T LARGE AMOUNTS OF BANDWAGON FANS. Bandwagon fandom is another issue in and of itself and if you wanted to pick on a crowd there is more than enough material to whine about, but they are part of every professional sport, so deal with it. Your sports elitism that puts you above other people that don’t have the time or drive to study sports is appalling. Get over it and get over yourself. You are not defending hardcore female fans, and you are just perpetuating a stereotypes. Congratulations.

    It’s very easy to pick pink hats out of the crowd, but since the Sox have started winning, they’ve sold out their games. I can guarantee you the difference is not bandwagon female fans with pink hats.

    Posted by Joe | April 17, 2009, 4:24 pm
  10. As a female, I actually agree! Your opinion has always been my contention and I personally refuse to wear pink sports clothes (I think that in itself is sexist). It just contribues to the airhead stereotype being portrayed in your article.

    Posted by Misty | April 21, 2009, 6:48 pm
  11. Misty,

    Thank you. After several people ripping me apart, it is a breath of fresh air to meet someone who understood what I was talking about.

    Posted by Pete | April 23, 2009, 1:08 am
  12. I know Pete’s against the pink clothes…but I think he’s also against the bandwagon fans who goto the games wearing those clothes.

    I tend to compare these “pinkhats” to little kid sports fans. When I was little, I barely knew anything about sports, I just liked cheering for the home team. I think most pinkhats generally enjoy cheering for the team but don’t know too much about the players or stats. Now, that doesn’t mean they can’t or don’t want to learn more, and eventually they can graduate to be “real” Red Sox fans.

    Posted by KC | April 23, 2009, 5:07 am
  13. I wear pink fan paraphernalia. I am what some people would consider a huge fan, it’s even my profession. I don’t think there should be so much emphasis of the color of the uniform people are wearing, unless it is for the opposite team.

    Posted by Diane | May 27, 2009, 11:54 am
  14. […] Female Sox Fans Need to Know Their Place Sports of Boston Posted by root 15 minutes ago ( One day we will and whoever does it will have a statue erected in his honor on yawkey way many female sox fans from this area are legit sox fans and know current and former players post a comment name e mail web site comment powered by wordpress middot th Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Female Sox Fans Need to Know Their Place Sports of Boston […]

    Posted by Female Sox Fans Need to Know Their Place Sports of Boston | garden statues | June 14, 2009, 7:44 am
  15. Pete,

    We can go around and around in this argument with which female fans are “true fans” and which are “bandwagon jumpers”. I suppose that this sort of conversation is natural to a man, considering they aren’t typically questioned when they claim to be a fan of any particular team.

    I happen to be a Red Sox fan. Are there a ton of new fans in Sox Nation after the past few World Series wins? Sure. But, for the love of God, let people be the kind of fan they want to be. Not everyone was raised on baseball, but at least they try to appreciate America’s pastime.

    For more insight, I have my own blog and opinions on female fandom.


    Posted by Emily | March 10, 2015, 1:26 pm
  16. As a baseball man, someone who has dedicated their life to baseball, I love to see casual fans at the games. I love to see “4-year fans” at the games. I just love to see people appreciating the environment the games take place in, and perhaps, if just momentarily, the artistry of the sport. Not everybody will be as taken by the game as you and I, Joe.

    Baseball has done itself a great disservice in not having baseball available to be played at the high school level and above for young women. Sometimes I wonder why they want anything to do with a sport that doesn’t support their participation. If the fashionable, basest female fan — aka the “pink hat” — one day becomes an aficionado, it will be in spite of a sport that doesn’t welcome them as it should. And softball, while similar, is not baseball. It’s different. It supports a this is for the girls, this is for the boys mentality, and that’s not a good message to send.

    One of the great things about baseball is that it’s played in a park. Like all parks, it welcomes passerbys and people-watchers, cityscapers, and those who love a good sunset. To say that only a certain few can take in a ballgame goes against the very essence of the ballpark experience. I believe in the game. If a “pink hat” were to enter the ballpark five times with their boyfriend, if just to connect with someone they care about, I know that maybe that sixth time they will see a triple play, a game-winning home run, a no-hitter, a brawl, a manager get tossed, a foul ball knock the hot dog out of their hand, and then they’ll have a connection and interest in the game they’ll never shake. It’s just a shame that may never happen because Red Sox tickets are too expensive.

    Posted by Paul | March 14, 2015, 4:24 pm
  17. @Joe, amen brother

    Posted by Ryan | April 12, 2015, 12:42 am

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