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Medical Records Show Manny Ramirez Steroids Use

According to a report by’s Mark Fainaru-Wada (co-author of the book, Game of Shadows) and T.J. Quinn, medical records the MLBPA was forced to hand over to league officials because of the collective bargaining agreement further indicted Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez.

Ramirez first tested positive for elevated levels of testocerone during Spring Training. MLB then notified Manny that they will further investigate the results. From the report:

First, MLB asked the World Anti-Doping Agency lab in Montreal, which conducts its testing, to perform a carbon isotope ratio test to determine whether the testosterone spike resulted from natural variations within Ramirez’s body or from an artificial source. The test revealed the testosterone was synthetic — in other words, it was ingested somehow.

Secondly, as per the drug-testing policy, MLB requested all of Ramirez’s medical records, including those from doctors he might have consulted outside of MLB. Addendum C of the policy is authorization by every player to provide “health information” from “all health care providers (including but not limited to [add Club orthopedist and medical internist], other physicians, laboratories, clinics and Club trainers) with whom I have consulted pursuant to my Uniform Player’s Contract or the Basic Agreement.”

Within Manny’s records, a doctor prescribed a female fetility drug (hCG) designed to elevate natural levels of testocerone. No, Manny wasn’t pregnant, he was hiding hardcore steroids use.

Manny and his representatives had planned on disputing the 50-game ban, citing that Manny took a drug not on Baseball’s banned list. But, the medical records indicted him, and he dropped his appeal.

Soon thereafter, he issued his statement that his suspension had resulted from taking a medication — not a steroid — that was prescribed to him by a physician. Technically, that was true, but it was hardly the complete story.

So, Manny was a heavy steroid user. When did this all start?

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  1. So Manny’s out and A-Rod is in… I haven’t heard yet if any of these guys will be barred from the Hall of Fame because of their confirmed drug usage

    Posted by Nomad | May 14, 2009, 9:48 pm
  2. […] for 50 games. Scott Boras initially said Manny had a prescription that triggered the test, but that later proved to be total B.S. Manny was taking a female fertility drug that’s commonly used to mask steroid use. Then, in […]

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