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Ortiz Receives Eye Drops, Will “Be Back”

David Ortiz got his eyes checked Monday and received drops for dry eyes, but his vision checked out very well and is not the reason for his season-long struggle. Dry eyes can cause excessive blinking, which can throw off a hitter’s timing. We will see if the drops help.

“People keep writing and saying all this [stuff],” Ortiz said. “They say I can’t hit no more. That I’m done. What, I have one arm now? I’m not 45. I never struggled like this, but I’ll be back. Then what are they going to say?”

Ortiz, now Boston’s No. 6 hitter, is slowly showing signs of climbing out of it. He now has a modest six-game hitting streak (7-25) to raise his average to .197. He has two homers and 22 RBI this season.

Big Papi credits Jason Bay for keeping the Red Sox going while he has struggled mightily. Bay is the primary reason the Red Sox sit nine games above .500 and just a half game out of first place in the AL East.

“If (Bay’s) not doing what he’s doing right now, we’d be losing more games,” Ortiz said. “And when we lose, you know where the blame goes. It goes on me. But this guy [Bay], he’s got no fear. He might be the biggest reason I haven’t fallen apart.”

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