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Should the Red Sox Trade Brad Penny?

The Red Sox have a great problem on their hands. They have a strong five-man rotation with two pitchers (Clay Buchholz and John Smoltz) knocking on the door and ready to contribute right away. The logical move would be to trade Brad Penny, but why fix something that isn’t broken? SoB’s Mike offers his take.

You can never have enough good pitching, but the Red Sox are overloaded, especially if Michael Bowden is considered an insurance policy. Brad Penny isn’t going to get them much, considering his 5+ ERA and his most recent outing, but if they can get a spare part, it might be worth it.

If the Sox could grab a name like Omar Vizquel, who was mentioned in recent trade rumors, the defense he could bring to solidify the SS position would be great (can we get Alex Gonzalez back?). The defense looks a little weak right now as it stands.

I haven’t been a big Clay Buchholz fan (mostly, I don’t think he has the mental makeup and that second start no-hitter did nothing but hurt him). His value is potentially really high right now (near perfect game at Pawtucket, lights out in general there) and if someone is willing to send something of value over without seeing him in the majors first, I’d jump on it. They could get a good bat for him, I would think, but that would mean sitting Big Papi regularly (not saying he’s untouchable in the lineup, but wouldn’t it be odd to have Ramirez and Papi out of the lineup in less than a year).

But, does Daisuke Matsuzaka have any value? The dude goes five innings every start and walks like five guys (and this isn’t a 2009 phenomenon). If it didn’t cost the Sox $50M to get him and have the hype machine behind him, would he have any more value than Penny?

Tell me which line you’d rather have:

Pitcher Starts QS W-L IP H ER HR BB K ERA WHIP K/9
Penny 11 6 5-2 60 77 39 8 19 39 5.85 1.60 5.85
Dice-K 6 0 1-4 27 44 22 5 13 29 7.33 2.11 9.67

Penny has been the more reliable pitcher this season, obviously. Time will tell though how both pitchers will end up. Either way, Theo Epstein has some tough decisions to make.

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3 comments for “Should the Red Sox Trade Brad Penny?”

  1. Should the Red Sox Trade Brad Penny?: The Red Sox have a great problem on their hands. They have a strong five-m..

    Posted by Sports of Boston | June 11, 2009, 9:04 pm
  2. Dice-K is staying here, everyone talking about trying to trade him is ludicrous. Even if we did, we would not get much for him because (at least i think) he has a long contract that while not expensive isn’t exactly cheap either. However the most important thing is that Dice-K has WAY more upside than Penny…I mean come on, Penny is probably pitching the best he can right now. Dice-K has 2 years of experience in the majors and is still learning, and i think will continue to do so. And about the walks, through his first 6 starts, he has 6 less walks this year than he did last year. Baseball, more than any other sport, is a game of patience. I say just give it time.
    Same goes for Buchholz. I personally think all of these head issues people talk of is a cop out. Buchholz, like Dice-K, had trouble figuring things out last year. It is very, very common for young pitchers to struggle early in their career. Buchholz is a young pitcher with a good deal of upside, which is the most valuable thing in all of baseball. You just do not trade young starting pitching, it is way too valuable.

    Posted by HandsomeHarold | June 11, 2009, 11:30 pm
  3. All I’ll say is, I completely agree regarding our pal Buckaroo. He is still unproven in my mind, and until he shows us otherwise, I’ll continue to think that he’s a bit of a headcase. Yes, on the whole, more than solid this year in Pawtucket. But just looking at Pawtucket’s team on the whole tells you that AAA isnt the bigs. Great potential. We’ll see how he transitions this time. I wouldnt mind seeing a trade that includes him though.

    Posted by Maggie Mae | June 12, 2009, 8:41 am

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