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Why are the Celtics Itching to Trade Rondo?

Last night I witnessed greatness unfold when my LSU Tigers came back to defeat the University of Texas in Game One of the College World Series. The game would need extra frames to decide the outcome, as Matty “Ice” Ott came in and put an end to the madness in the 11th inning. So as the night progressed after this game and the celebrating on the LSU campus started, I found myself enjoying the festivities. Well to my surprise, I woke up this morning at about 11:30AM ET to put on SportsCenter and found an interesting trade proposal that had to do with both the Celtics and Detroit Pistons.

Chad Ford, of ESPN, reports that the Celtics offered the Pistons: Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo in exchange for Rip Hamilton, Tashuan Prince, and Rodney Stuckey. Ford went out to say that the Pistons “laughed” at the offer and quickly declined. With the love Detroit has for Stuckey that reaction doesn’t surprise me one bit. But something within this deal does indeed shock me, for lack of better term is the fact that this is the third team the Celtics have started talks with to trade Rondo. I understand why Boston is looking to move Allen. He has a monstrous cap number and he isn’t getting any younger. Pair that with the fact that over the last two years Doc Rivers has done the best possible job to run Allen’s legs into the ground by playing him so many minutes night in and night out.

But why attempt to trade Rondo? Many would argue that without him this past year the Celtics don’t even edge out Chicago in the first round of the playoffs. Is it because Rondo wants a decently size contract? I don’t know. Ford reported on SportsCenter that he hears Rondo is not a good presence in the locker room and that he is very selfish and displeased. All this information is tough to swallow and concerning…I can hear the Manny flashback stories ringing in the back of my mind now. Why would Rondo be in such a sorry state? Regardless, if this is the case, I don’t blame Doc and Ainge at least exploring the trade market for the young and talented PG.

Here are the reported deals that involved Rondo:

  1. Rondo goes to Phoenix; Celtics receive Amar’e Stoudemire
  2. Rondo goes to Sacramento; Celtics receive 4th pick where they make Tyreke Evans the selection
  3. Rondo to Detroit; Celtics receive Hamilton, Prince, and Stuckey

All three of these deals all appear to be dead, but that still doesn’t deter the fact that Boston is looking to trade Rondo. As the NBA draft is just two days away, the Celtics could make a serious, franchise-altering move with Rondo involved. But ask yourself, if Rondo is traded, who’s the starting PG? Dare I suggest Stephon Marbury starting a whole season? Yikes, the thought kind of scares me, but who else would there be? Especially if the compensation is a draft pick and Boston would be relying on a rookie to be the quarterback of this team.

Who knows what will transpire from all this talk. But trading Rondo would definitely cause some head scratching in Beantown. Major head scratching.

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Matthew Marcantonio is the Patriots and college football editor at Sports of Boston. Marcantonio has contributed for two newspapers; the Sentinel & Enterprise (Leominster, Mass) and The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La) and held internships with The Bleacher Report and Sports Illustrated.

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11 comments for “Why are the Celtics Itching to Trade Rondo?”

  1. Well, we know that KG and Paul Pierce aren’t going anywhere. Without Rondo, I don’t think any of these potential trades would elevate Boston as the favorites in the East over the Cavs next season. Which has me thinking, is Danny Ainge eyeing Dwyane Wade in 2010? If he can clear cap space and pair DWade with KG and Paul Pierce, wouldn’t that be incredible?

    But honestly, I think Boston needs to keep its current roster. If they had KG healthy in the playoffs, most believe they would’ve made it to the Finals. Some believe they would’ve won.

    I can tell you one thing though, Rondo’s definitely not coming to Chicago!

    Posted by Vis Des Maximus | June 23, 2009, 3:00 pm
  2. Why are the Celtics Itching to Trade Rondo?: Last night I witnessed greatness unfold when my LSU Tigers came bac..

    Posted by Sports of Boston | June 23, 2009, 3:04 pm
  3. awesome article man. some imput, if i may:

    rondo for amare isnt happening.
    the sacremento option is interesting, but i have to agree with you, I just cant see them getting rid of talent they already know they have for (and ONLY for) a rookie who could prove to be a bust.

    honestly, im a little surprised that Detroit has “laughed” at the current offer. im no history major, but if we look at the recent years, what has Detroit accomplished? Anybody? Yea, I didnt think you guys could come up with anything either. Their whole team is old. Rasheed Wallace is balding. Teyshaun Prince looks like hes falling asleep on the bench half of the time. Rip doesnt wear that mask for luck, its because he needs it to hold his face together. and perhaps one of their best young players in stuckey, has proven to be quite inconsistent. Allen would provide some increased 3 point goals. when sheed is attempting more 3s than some of your guards, something needs to change. and rondo is just rondo. plus, those three players in rip, prince, and stuckey, im sure are consuming a decent combined pay. moving them out might not be such a bad idea. it wouldnt hurt us either. if Rondo is as bad as the rumours imply, who needs that? It could be worse than a former all-star and leading assist man in starbury leading our team next season. much worse. have you seen the crop of PGs lately? Rick Rubio is the best one in the draft this year. yikes.

    Signing D-Wade, now theres an intersting idea. It would be awesome, i agree with the comment above, but would it really work? you dont average 30-something points a game by giving everyone else their fair share of shots. he has molded himself into a leading, but dare i say selfish, scorer on a repeatedly failing team. Would he really be able to fit into a team that is designed on the word “team” rather than “player”? I guess time will tell. but if Detroit is so arrogently rejecting offers that are clearly no joke, i hope they crumble just as they have so many times in recent years. Go celtics. I trust ainge to make it happen.

    Posted by nicky mooo | June 23, 2009, 4:19 pm
  4. Hey Matty, I’m definitely intrigued by the Stoudemire possibility.. Amare is a train-wreck on defense but he’s a freak athletically and has the ability to turn into a good shot-blocker if he works with Perkins and KG. Can you imagine those 3 in the front court at 6’10 and above?

    As for the Pistons offer… It could work or fail depending on how good Rodney Stuckey really is. he’s shown flashes like his 40 point game last season but he also slumped badly for a while. Since Ray isn’t coming back after next year, I think Hamilton could be a good replacement and Prince certainly fits the James Posey defensive stopper role.

    Tyreke Evans could be a big-time player, but the Celtics would have to be in love with him to make that deal.

    Posted by Leo (Dean) | June 23, 2009, 4:53 pm
  5. On the topic of D-Wade… of course he’s been putting up 30 a game… have you seen who he plays with? Who else is gonna score for them? Washed up Jermaine O’Neal? Mario Chalmers? Daequan Cook?? I’d think he’d fit in well in Boston since Pierce has proved he doesn’t mind sharing the ball in crunch time.

    Posted by Leo (Dean) | June 23, 2009, 4:58 pm
  6. Of course D-wade doesnt have a team to back him up, I completely understand. All Im saying is that not everyobdy in the NBA has the “what’s best for the team” mentality. KG, Ray, and Pierce are all proven leaders, and they have all been on teams deemed worthless because they are the only stars on them. Luckily, they collaborate very well together. Im not saying D-Wade is a bad idea, Im just saying we should consider the slight chance of an epic fail in terms of collaboration. Too many leaders on a team isnt always a good thing.

    Posted by nicky mooo | June 23, 2009, 5:39 pm
  7. Well Ray is leaving after 2009-2010 anyway, so I’m sure Pierce and KG would have no issue taking a back seat to Wade if it meant a title or two. Plus, those two aren’t getting any younger, and KG’s knees might never be the same after all the mileage he’s put on them in his career.

    Posted by Leo (Dean) | June 23, 2009, 7:23 pm
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  9. thats true, as long as everyone is happy, it will all work out. The thing about Wade is that he will cost some serious money as well. I know you have to pay the big bucks to get prime talent, but we also dont want the same cap problems we have now while trying to get rid of rays expiring contract, and Rondo before he demands a thicker contract. It will be tough to afford the likes of Pierce, KG, and D-Wade. We cant forget that Glenn Davis has a contract thats running thin as well. BUT, if they can make it work, and the team plays well together, Im all for it.

    Posted by nicky mooo | June 24, 2009, 2:09 pm
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